WWE, Bray Wyatt, AJ discussed on The Masked Man Show


Maybe benefited more from being on ross it just depends on the talent i think i think that aj styles they done styles miss not for the bell yeah they did it early you know i i'm interested i know i know wwe cares a lot about these things like like the ms with the rolling stones cover you know because that's so mainstream on and do you think they'll take him away from the you know intercontinental for a second and maybe give him a run at aj the he might come up short but at least like i are expected him to be like the the springtime rolls on patient for rome he asked me too but anyway that's that would be my choice i know it's crazy i know we can we we spend too much time fantasy booking roman but what if wwe just like really really signal is now in in in the quiet time of the year just signaled that they're giving up on rains a little bit because i in fact proud people that think that rains constantly is getting pushed and whatever he's had a run for wrestlemainia main events that much is true but he you know when he lost thirty one when he was supposed to win he went and like feud with the big show in bray wyatt for a while like it's not true and then same thing they were just putting them back in the main event every week last year after the the wellness violation he was sort of dangling in the mail or or perception of him and then there's nothing w can do that but maybe if they're just like all right you're going to smack down and the for and i sorta smackdown he's feuding with.

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