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Mike mechanics off to a good start playing the hottest team in the Western Conference. Hey, so far so good powered by thirteen. Kevin Knox points. The knicks. Thirty six twenty eight lead in the second quarter on Denver. Elsewhere in the NBA LeBron James sitting out his fourth game in a row Lakers are playing Oklahoma City. College hoops, a big bounce back win this evening for Saint John's criminal houses. Chamara by. Shoot over on the SEC. Well again. Over three point. John. Thirty nine thirty one John minko. Saint John's radio the red storm pull away from our in the second half eighty nine sixty nine victory and ponds led the way with twenty six points. Red storm raising their record tonight to thirteen and one fucking like the honor roll graduating from an Ivy league school in may the pool of impressive NFL coaching candidates. They continue to lineup interviews. Jets will see Mike McCarthy who recently ended a thirteen year run with the Packers highlighted, of course, by a Super Bowl Forty-five free over Pittsburgh McCarthy also set to sit down with a cardinals Adam gays will visit Arizona, so we'll clip Kingsbury. The current USC offensive coordinator is also on the jets radar out of those New Year's day balls and the Sugar Bowl early in the second quarter has been all Texas longhorns. Up seventeen nothing on Georgia as we speak the Rose Bowl. My brother used to call the granddaddy of them all Mel Allen or Lindsey Nelson coined that term here the way Ohio state's got twenty eight hundred. The twenty eight twenty three victory over Washington today, the fiesta bowl and LSU's way. They snap UCF's twenty five game winning streak. Forty thirty two Kentucky won the Citrus Bowl and Iowa the outback bowl NHL winter. Classic Bruins beat the Blackhawks four two while the Rangers islanders and devils all to this day off Mike McCann WFAN twenty twenty sports. Robert,.

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