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I'm flipped Albert in the cocoa New Center Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler among the victims of a tear gas attack. Not last night. During clashes with federal officers in his city. Demonstrators in Portland cheered the mayor and called from the resign after refused to have police arrest Federal agents. Mayor Wheeler said he's doing everything is power to get them to leave California Republican Congressman and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy telling Fox and friends today, the actions of Democratic mayors in Portland and other cities are astonishing. They'll allow weakened after weak and young Children to be murdered upon numbers that are astonishing for this nation that they wouldn't work with the federal government to bring security and safety back to their own streets. Resident. Trump has announced the sending federal agents to major cities across the country, including Chicago and Albuquerque. Amid the recent rise in violent crimes. The LA Mesa Police Department has released body camera footage of the riots that took place outside their headquarters back on May 30th. This apartment is committed, making every effort to be open and transparent. In releasing the video, Le Mesa police chief Walt Vasquez, says 59 year old protester Leslie Burke, Ron was observed, throwing an object at sheriff's deputies in the area moments before she was hit in the forehead with a beanbag round. The officer who fired that round, identified as 12 year veteran detective Eric Can Judson. He's been on leave since the incident that we will continue. Tio homes nurture on fire Whole Communication Mesa a safer place chief Vasquez saying he's praying for Leslie for Krahn to make it full recovery. Joshua Lipton KOGO news. You can see that police body cam video on our morning news page and co dot com. The Corona virus case count across the United States is now approaching four million Johns Hopkins University, saying today and more than 143,000 Americans have dived the virus. So far, it could be several weeks before Saturday. Go county can get off the state's watch list even of Corona virus cases start to trend downward. A positive test rate for the Corona virus in San Diego, with 7% yesterday. The rolling two week average 6% until today's report the prior three days we're showing encouragement of daily decrease, But today's new case count is 587 doctor woman wouldn't, the public health officer in San Diego, saying there have been 155 cases 100,000 people keeping the county in the state Watch list in order for this metric to return to normal, we would have to have 234 Aces or less on a daily basis for 14 days afford. This would return to less than 118 new deaths were also announced, bring the total of 505 for the outbreak. Jack Runako News China is launching a mission to Mars. The Tian Wen one mission launched this morning, sending an orbiter and a rover lander to the Red Planet. It is China's first fully independent Mars mission designed to map and study the planets, Geology and climate stocks are falling on Wall Street after the disappointing jobless numbers released today, and whether 1.4 million Americans filed first time unemployment claims last week. That's 100,000 more than the previous week. Coco News time. 10 03 Let's check the freeways now, with Coco's real time Traffic and Kevin From your always sunny San Diego Honda Divas Traffic center high traffic around.

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