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Well, let's rate it speaking of you know, how we feel about it zero to five nipples based on its portrayal and representation of women. I am going to give it I would say like two. And maybe it's because I don't really like this movie that it maybe I did let it caught my judgment. But while I do appreciate the female friendship, and how it probably did pave the way for more progressive movies about female friendships to be made. I think that because the goals of the women are defined entirely by and framed entirely around the type of men thereafter. I think also this movie was funded by the diamond industry. Like is that true now probably? But like why it's okay. This is funded by twentieth century. Fuck. But it it does like actually promote the names of several diamond Tiffany's, Cartier. Yeah. So I just got Kaelin like the movie, I didn't like the movie, I do appreciate a few of the things that does it. You know, it does challenge different gender-specific, double standards. It does show a positive female friendship. I don't know. The fact the only thing we really know about them is the type of men that they want in the only thing we see them do is things to either land a man, or in some cases, several different men if you're talking about lower line, which is fine. Hey, if you wanna fuck a bunch of people, do it also Gus is like really possessive of her and like jealous, and he's like you need a chaperone because I don't trust you because you're a woman who's hot and sell. You're probably gonna to be fair. He cannot fuss her that's true. He is not like stereotyping her. Maybe he's just like seeing her flirt with other Jews. And there is that Rufi steam, why would you send like to chopper owns someone like, you know, who's really gonna hold her accountable. Her best friend in the world. Who was like DT f- like crazy. Morning. Let me have the Horta's person. She does this is gonna work out. Great. So yeah, I'm gonna I'm gonna pro this is probably too low, but I'm sticking with two nipples, and I'm going to give one to each gals want to Marilyn Monroe and one to Jane, Russell, cool. Well, I guess I don't know what a five would be. And I don't want to be. Yeah. But I I'm gonna say for cool. I think I'm guess what the death. Do it three maybe three and a half. I I think the something we didn't really create you spoke to a few times was even the way this movie is framed is a little bit different. And not how we're used to seeing. I mean, certainly Marilyn Monroe, and Jane Russell are fully made up in gorgeous, this whole movie, the costumes are incredible. But the male gaze, I feel like this movie is aware of the male gaze and subverts it several times in a way that is like really effective and interesting and definitely not typical of the time the whole ain't there anyone here for love scene. That was like so cool and exciting and hopefully cathartic for Jane Russell who is, you know, for once not the center of, you know, she's controlling the camera and where they Cameron goes instead of being pursued by it and Laura lion. Dorothy. Only ones who kind of break the fourth wall in in the musical scenes, and it just I dunno. They felt fully in control of the movie, and generally the story and we're equipped to solve the problems that they were sent to. Although, of course, you're you're totally right that they're sort of defined by their views of men in the world. So I'm going to do I'm going to do three and a half and give to Jane one in Maryland half toe lady Beekman. She earned it. She worked hard. I'm getting I don't know anything about. We'll carina. Thank you so much for being here. Thanks so much fun. Plug whatever you want. Well, my book in which I read about this film and others made by Jane, Russell seduction sex lies and start them in Howard Hughes's Hollywood. It will be in your local bookstore. Great. I can't wait to read it when working people fall you online, and oh, I'm on Twitter at Karina Longworth, and you can find my podcast, you must remember this on itunes. Yeah. People listen to it. It's so good could three years of listening strong. Thank you. You can follow us on social media at Bechtel

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