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It was a divinity although a lot of them were stone cold atheists although even some of the eighth theus said things like i was bathing god's love and i would say but didn't you tell me you were an atheist and she would say well it's the only word big enough for what i felt very sweet but she said i'm still in eighth easiest but it was this sense of a larger collectively or entity that they were part of that made the death of the individual lose some of its sting or all of it stink for some of them to one of the things that is so interesting in this and that your book drought from me in a way that i had not seen before is idea that you're prescribing inexperienced so there have been studies of psychedelics as treatment for terminal terminal taryn terminally ill for depression for addiction for for a number of things now and it seems that the treatment can their suggestive evidence that the treatment can be quite powerful but that what happened at another point in the research is that they began trying to look at the way look at a normal medicine and just put someone in a room and have control croup and give them some acid and it didn't work because tremendous adjustability and you quote a therapist who is doing lsd assisted therapy in mid twentieth century america saying that under lsd the fondest theories of the therapists are confirmed by the patient that there's this tremendous adjustability but on the other hand if the therapists then gives the patient an explanation for what's going wrong and how to fix it that that's just ability can nevertheless lead to a lot of healing and it is such a different way of thinking about medicine and how to prescribe it and how to treat someone that it it seems like no surprise that the medical community has had a lot of friction knowing even how to study it.

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