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A dinner for talk radio hosts you too bringing talk radio hosts from all around the country and had a great conversation about issues having to do with cronyism in fact i'm going to turn up the microphone joined today with me next to me helping to produce a show is my good friend jerry rogers jerry how are you a andrew so let me painter let me painter work picture here we are we are so this is national harbor if you've never been to the gaylord national harbor is a gorgeous gorgeous hotel overlooking the potomac radio row media road you could hear the crowd behind me probably radio row is uh on on the third floor of this hotel in the conference center and there are outlets from all over the world frankly but we are at the intersection of of the the how radio were radio kind of john soft to the left we are sandwiched between nra tv our good friends at nra news and then other good folks at salem uh so we are here in a in a prominent i would say problem location would you agree geroge's literally at the crossroads literally at the crossroads and actually looking right now in our good friend dan bongino our old old hand maryland politics now doing some work with nra tv of these days dan is right there and i am and that's all wanna go through so we have a a great show we want to we want to start off with of course the biggest topic of the day which of course is is guns and gun issues firearms and so we given what the president was just talking about a given the town hall last night on cnn which i think we're going to get into a little bit here on the show the first two guests we're going to have today are john watts who we referenced on the show before uh john lewis is of course the offer of more guns less crime going down this road of really talking about why why this new this idea that we're going to not only that we're going to lessen access to guns in america is not going to solve this problem but wall while at the same time making it harder for citizens to get lawful firearms can make problems of violence worse so we're gonna talk with john about that and then we're going to.

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