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I couldn't believe it. I never even i mean i never even thought of that. I mean who am i to do such a big project right. I'm like are you serious. are you sure. And he's like yes. Yes please still. Wow right and so you know how you get started with something like that. That sounds like an amazing and but also a heavy obligation in many ways. Yes so how would you start like for example. What's what's the first illustration. Where do you start exactly. So my first. And then. I wanted to Maybe you don't know that i i. I wanted to publish this in japan. Because i'm japanese and also because they're not that many books about his holiness in japan so i felt this responsible as responsibility to introduce him in depth to the japanese audience. So it meant it made sense to me so a approached some top publishers. there I know them from my previous books. And i know some editors there and believe it or not. It took two years. Wow yes because it was a long process because bigger the company is longer takes writer. All these Departments you have to go through so seriously took two years and at the end it didn't work out. They wanted to publish something which was totally different. And i. i was torn to be honest with you. Because i was. I really wanted to publish it there. But there were demands. Were so different from what. I was visualizing. Yeah right a. Became a different pasig and i set and and it took me a lot of courage to say no because there were huge army one of the biggest companies in japan and while they wanna control creative control yes creative content everything that because they wanted to settle but it became so far away from the authenticity of what is spoke. Should be about you know. Absolutely i had to really have the integrity in that so it was a difficult decision. You'll samurai spirit had to come up. Yes yes i think so. And then i had also support from his harness one nine so i was struggling with this decision and one night i had a dream again and i was sitting with his holiness. Were laughing talking. And then all of a sudden he took my hand gently and he looked at me into my eyes and he smiled. And then i woke up and then everything started to go so smoothly i felt so good and i.

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