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A podcast in one place. These very strange times in which we live so practice needs to change accordingly so very practicies needs to be just that while living right now with the virus that is ravaging the world. My name is not on this caused by Africa. I will be talking about how did but is handled. When a person dies of ninety I believe is right here and right now kept business radio to it profitable Africa so it is no longer news that the former chief of staff to the President of the Republic of nine Mama Carey died or the coronavirus seventeenth of April. Twenty twenty now. He's rather unfortunate incidents where they just went to highlight the fact that that's what we do respect of persons in kills the old and the young and it affects people who are highly pleased on people who have nothing so the more we followed these trucks. John's all the guidance at the end. Cdc This dancing for avoid touching is news and mouth frequent washing then the less likely we to contract the corona virus not being saint. Mary's burial was fraught with a lot of controversy in that the body was probably not handled as well as it should. Have to shout distancing issues because people who attended the bureau more than stipulated and the wick crammed unpracticed to one another so. The barrier practices. Need to change. What happens right now if it dies of ninety body needs to be hounded in very specific guidelines by being. Cdc body needs to be carried by people who are wearing protective equipment. The religious cannot touch the piece. The body to keep that in distance not inflicted. This is all for the protection of the relatives. Now the burials to be as dignified as possible giving that this other human being who had you in life and had done things in life and you deserve that dignity of a burial worthy of a person but it has to be done in a controlled manner infected if the person dies at home however is a different matter is at home and for one or the other religious suspect they might have been good with nineteen the really ought to call the. Cdc's busy can come and take action on the body and evacuee body in control. We saw that people are not affected. Imagine just evacuate the body. It's actually commercial vehicle. That can be quite devastating. The body has been nineteen nineteen by Ross on. It's also what we were. Printing diseases like asthma diabetes. Hypertension people are dying from causes other than with nineteen and that is very unfortunate. So if you have any in terms of your disease that you'd be managing for a long time. It is necessary to call. Your husband will let them know that you like to come in four and appoints main and then moved on because right now people might be worried dealers and somebody might end up dying for for reasons other than nineteen. So let's protect ourselves. Steve and I will see you next time on this past. This has been a public health collaboration between Africa Business Radio Films and Uncle Paddy Dot Com..

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