DAN, Doug Turnbull, Hilmi discussed on Atlanta's Evening News with Erick Erickson


Is that your conscience was perfect more than christ on the cross because hilmi falsely accused found guilty the innocent beaten tortured nailed to a cross dying said father forgive them and i mean if you can't forgive someone when he under that could forgive everyone so really awful must have happened to you compare to what happened to him the whole idea you can't forgive someone for something is ridiculous that was the one as apologize you move on dan just in from the left does and that's the point the left never does that and that's no reason that you shouldn't in some a person last night tweeted to me and said well we we've gotta we've got a change our game the left does it we need to do it i said you know what good luck on the day you confront your maker telling him well the reason i kept doing these terrible things because the guys on the other side we're going to hell they did these things yup good luck with that folks our ways are there ways and then only be to win so many people miss why the left one i'm i'm glad to get that off my chest now before we get into sixth district there is some brief news out of the sixth congressional district that i want to get to before we do that the let's go check with doug turnbull on traffic looking at eighty five northbound trouble erupted down by forty wsb i get it yeah we voted titled old monday five north ordered ill that a couple of other cars that they're all over shoulder now now back to the four hundred eight rebel west freeway travel by crash of the right way akg what about nobody routed right at all the well.

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