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Greater sack dot org's slash women build Video. Neil Kfbk Afternoon News on News, 93.1 KFBK now trending at 4 17 So power outages there currently over 13,000 PGA any customers in Yuba City who are experiencing a power outage. Now, apparently from looking at the map. It seems to be a public safety power. Shut off. It's a different from a rotating outage. Excuse me, according to P. Jeannie, they say that those public safety power Outages are during specific high fire threat conditions, while the rotating outages are due to the strain on California's grid. Nevertheless, the point is the power is out for those folks in Yuba City, estimated to be restored around six PM. Meantime, an additional 564 p. Jeannie customers in the Garden Valley area north of Coloma, also experiencing an outage estimated restoration. Time should be soon. And the California also has issued a grid stage two system emergency. That's the independent system operator until midnight, so that means rolling power outages are likely as we've got a high strain on the power grid. And P Jeannie customers will likely be impacted. It's for 17 now. Kfbk The California Excuse me. Democratic National Convention Virtual version starts tonight. NBC's Alex Stone previews. Yeah, Kitty. It's very different being that I'm in Wilmington, Delaware, and four years ago for the Democrats were in Philadelphia about 20 minutes away from here, and at that time it was a huge crowd of tens of thousands of people. I'll know if you can hear around me. But the dichotomy of now that they are mowing the grass around me. And the only sound is the weed Wacker and the lawn mower going at this point, and they've been working on this all day, so very different scene compared to four years ago. But the plan tonight is going to be for a two hour essentially a zoom call that this is going to be People calling in phoning it in, but they'll be on camera. Lot of it will be recorded and the live aspects will be Eva Longoria, the actress who will be kind of weaving it all together. It will end with Michelle Obama tonight. Also, we will hear from Bernie Sanders. Interesting that he will go on the first night of this event tonight shows really how Biden has opened up the party to the more progressive left wing. They brought some of those ideas into the platform. That the delegates have already voted on remotely over the last couple of weeks, and that they say tonight they're going to talk about the three pillars of their messaging, focusing on the economic crisis on overcoming the pandemic and racial injustice, issues and You know, Bottom line. They've got to make sure Kitty that this isn't an infomercial tonight that it doesn't bore people. That doesn't sound like Ron Pope. He'll, you know, selling an air friar. They've got to figure out a way to for two hours of without the crowd, people looking directly at the camera to make it engaging and to try to pull people into it, or they don't turn away. Oh, you're right. That's part of the fun of convention and the sizzle of a convention to see everybody altogether and excited in their hats and signs and so forth. Sounds like actress Eva Longoria is going to kind of emcee for the evening. So that's absolutely she. She will be, and there will be a number of musical acts as well. John Legend and some others were going to be performing so they will be ableto intertwine that now What's interesting is The Republicans are watching what's going on tonight? They're figuring out what next week is going to look like even though President Trump canceled the Republican convention, they've kind of resurrected it now, and they're putting together something similar. Sounds like the president will probably speak every night next week Monday through Thursday of the Republican convention, where they had talked about it might have only been Monday night. And then that would be it. Now they're talking about Monday through Thursday, seems Republicans said, Wait. If the Democrats are doing it. We should try to get this bump as well. And get this free air time on the networks and elsewhere. In one thing, nobody noses. Will Biden and Trump get the convention bump that you typically get after a convention that you've been all over TV and the radio and Websites for Ah, weak. You normally see the numbers go up. But in this case where it's all remote, nobody knows. All right. ABC is Alex Stone previewing our DNC tonight. Thank you so much. You gotta Thanksgiving. All right, And we're also looking at some power outages in about a city. This is dude of fire. We've got Jones fire. Brody Fernandez, our producer joining us? Yeah, Kitty, So right now there's an estimated 700 people. It'll over 700 people in the Nevada City area. And if you're up there without power that is due to the Jones fire. The great up there. P Jeannie officials shutting it down due to this fire. Okay, We'll continue to monitor that. Thank you. Brody and traffic and weather together Right now, Let's hear from Dana has brightened my batteries plus bulbs Right now we're doing pretty well kidding downtown of this pledges about nine minutes as you go from 15 80 when you get Davey,.

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