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Year thank you we thank steve trai tacklers rigging the accused bill cosby and his legal team returned to a norris concord room for a hearing in advance of his sexual assault retrial next month covered this story endorse us on reporters roundup kyw suburban bureau chief jim melwert given the judge addressing of personal matter early on the esteve opened the day by acknowledging the death of bill cosby's daughter the judge telling cosby understands how difficult it must be here to be in a courtroom after the death of his daughter adding the court does extend extended sympathies currently prosecutors are arguing to be allowed to present nineteen other accusers at that trial they say testimony from the other accusers is necessary this shadow cosby knew what he was doing when according to the charges he gave andrei constand pills on the molesting her while she was incapacitated and unable to consent the defence has yet to argue against those women being allowed to testify it looks like that argument will come tomorrow prosecutor started today by telling the judge they no longer agree with cosby's out of state lawyers being allowed to practice in pennsylvania montgomery county district attorney kevin steele calls claims the has made in court filings flat out lies calling them reckless disregard of truth how the judge denied two motions from the defence those rugged this morning asking charges be thrown out one for prosecutorial misconduct the other argument that prosecutors cannot show the dating question falls within the statute of limitations both of those issues will likely be brought up to the jury when the trial starts jury selection star slated to start at the end of the month steve forty come thank you jammers suburban bureau chief he would have his jim melwert they one jerry hill township police now assigned fulltime to patrol all schools this after students and parents expressed worries about security following the deadly match shooting at a high school in parkland florida joining us kyw steve's talents the brother quick followup from the township rights steve between six and ten police officers fat and they now to the district's nineteen schools cherry hill mayor chuck khan says they're going to all district schools through the end of the school year in june also common expects an officer to be dedicated to each of the two high schools all middle schools and then officers will be tactically rotated at the.

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