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As you listen to this podcast and have a few laughs with us because sometimes turning that magnifying glass on yourself can be a little bit humorous and and you have to laugh sometimes to keep from crying hope you guys are doing well man i've been having i've been having a lot of fun is exhausting as it can be in all the frenzy you have to be able to say i'm having fun right we had a great little run a shows last week through the carolinas through georgia and then we're headed back this week we're going to jacksonville florida we're going to be in ponte vedra florida for a show friday night may eighteenth we're also going to be may nineteenth in atlanta georgia we're going to be the center stage theatre you can go to watch chedda dot com and you can come out there and find as we've added new shows i've told you this over and over again and it's so much i'm telling you there things i don't want to tell you about exciting stuff that's going on and one little nugget is i'm going to tell you at the very end of this episode so don't be scrolling forward go with a song the journey and listen to it it's forty five minutes a your life that you're going to appreciate because he's gonna make you do a little bit of introspection you're going to take a look at yourself and you're gonna say yep i need improve that that's something that needs to be done and of course jade is helping me on the journey here to get us down that path and i dunno i tell you one thing about that woman she makes me think she really does because she and i are opposite in so many ways we have so many of the same interests but we're so opposite in so many ways she challenges me and she says i challenged her i think is more one of those getting on her nerves kind of things anyway we're going to get into your head a little bit into that head space and i hope you guys enjoy when we come back going to be sitting down with jay don't go anywhere y'all thank you once again for tuning in to the chad pray through show we'll be right back we will be back in a moment with more of the chad prager show.

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