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Traffic and weather together on the aids now expanded traffic coverage. And it's six eighteen looking at slow traffic as you make your way north out of oak cliff? Let's head over to John Wolf get another check on that earlier accident oak cliff downtown we've got that problem northbound thirty eight password cells had have been blocking the two left lanes with their clearing that out of there. Nonetheless, who is slow from saner as you get up past Ewing, west Alsdorf, Luke Walton Walker now starting to slow down from thirty getting up past Irving boulevard, south lake the Dallas eastern one fourteen. I'm not seeing any delays right on through Irving over to the one eighty three merge, and it's an act north Richland hills. Randy four has the details. Eastbound north loop near twenty six scene of an accident. Two right lanes are blocked backup stretches back to halt and road toward beach Fort Worth northbound thirty five W, it's slow from Tarrant Parkway through heritage trace and then on the golden triangle and Arlington northbound three sixty sluggish from park road to division. And we've also picked up a problem along the Dallas north tollway in north Dallas southbound Dallas north tollway right around Frankfurt. It's a stolen vehicle that's going to be in the right lane. Not seeing any major types. Just wanna use some caution there seventy-five heading south that continues to see a pretty quiet ride light traffic volumes McKinney. The downtown Dallas just a little bit of a slow that as you approach the six thirty five interchange. Now, if you're out on the roads and a problem, maybe even have an update for us. Let us know about it. Give us a call and the KRLD traffic tip line two one four two one nine ten eighty. I'm Joyce Nielsen. Your next report six twenty eight and breaking traffic alerts when they happen..

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