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Severe weather, station News Radio six ten WTVN a deadly tour boat accident near Branson Missouri's left at least thirteen people. Dead still county sheriff's office says the duck boat capsized on table rock lake about thirty-one, on board tour boat was headed toward sure against choppy water and sixty, mile an hour. Winds when it capsized here sheriff Doug Rader. There's actually a. Son county sheriff's deputy on the boat He was in the water rescue people. Several people have been hospitalized still others remain unaccounted for and over a dozen people reported, injured, after, a string of tornadoes ripped. Through central Iowa the city of Marshall town got hit the worst the. National weather service says the tops of buildings are gone vehicles strewn and three seven uprooted all over the area at least ten people taken to the hospital and a nearby Pella Iowa at least, seven people, are in the hospital after twister ripped through that area Another person's accusing a Franklin county judge of sexual misconduct and that person scheduled. Testify today in Columbus now the first of the two women who say judge Timothy Horton sexually harassed them. Spoke before the quarter professional conduct yesterday we're also accused of two counts, of campaign law violations, he faces, removal from the bench if he's found, guilty Cleveland police officer suspended for. Using what was deemed an offensive word. Toward Muslims is suing the. City Aaron Pettit tells w. KYC TV he started using the word while he was deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq and. Never knew it to be offensive and it says. He is not a racist, and doesn't want to be known as the racist police, officer President Trump is inviting Russian. President Vladimir Putin to Washington in the fall White House brand. Secretary, Sarah, Sanders making the announcement at a tweet yesterday saying discussions with Putin's camper underway A well-known actors sticking his claim on a part of Columbus Mark Wahlberg the actor is leaving. More of a Mark on Ohio he is purchased Bobby layman Chevrolet in, west Columbus Bobby layman, for forty, years the iconic jingle has been on, Columbus radio with that signature address Wahlberg and.

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