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Most college presidents or disney executives. You'll have to yourself. Listen to revisionist history on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast. Where other van stopped short mercedes. Benz vans go far beyond from their customization options. Cutting edge tech five star sales service financial support crew reseda spins fans build equipped engineer. To be ready for anything go that extra mile and taking the all important for step anyone authorized dealership. Today we are still waiting to get more information on simone biles if she'll be able to compete in the individual events. She pulled herself out of the team competition and she made the right decision because it was her decision. She didn't feel comfortable. She talked about something internally. I'm sure the the stress. That's on her. The pressure that's on her. She didn't wanna bring the team down. The ended up winning a silver. But simone biles right now not quite sure. She said that she hopes that this will get worked out over the next couple of days if this was an individual sport like naomi. Osaka took herself out of competition. Now she did. She did lose at the olympics. But you know years ago. Taken herself out of competition didn't compete in some of the majors. Couple of grand slam events. Wasn't there mentally and simone biles said that And look i. I'm glad that there are athletes. Who are willing to talk about the mental lance back to this because you were considered damaged goods like something was wrong with you and the old days you'd play through it come on what's wrong with you. You're making millions of dollars. You got to be out there. You gotta play through this. You're not in a good head. Space and kevin love brought this Who was the basketball player out of the big twelve was at royce white eight. We'll see out of iowa state zet sound right and i remember he had he was dealing with things. Didn't play in the nba. I think he played in europe eventually. But i remember he talked about this as well travel issues being on a plane you know. Michael phelps talked about this just the stress part of this the mental part of this. We don't know that we see somebody and go. They should be great. They're going to win the gold. You don't where they are mentally physically you can say and you look like you're ready to go mentally. I don't know what kind of pressure simone biles under like. I could only imagine that you're supposed to win all these gold medals. Not if but when you win them. Part of the. The beauty of the olympics is the surprise element that you find out about somebody. You know the seventeen year old swimmer from alaska won the gold medal. That's the surprise. No expectations now. The next olympics a whole lot of pressure and who knows what this year i mean imagine. This is a seventeen year. Old swimmer out of alaska. If the olympics were held last year she wouldn't have won the gold medal. Michael phelps said that because it was pushed back another year you get another year to get ready to mature and you go into this. She doesn't know what to expect. Sometimes you love being naive. You know there are certain teams that are young and they have no idea. And here's simone biles. Who's twenty four in her last olympics. Probably and you're going in and you're expected to win katie. You're expected to win. Michael phelps expected to win team. Usa basketball expected to win. I mean when you think about the olympic coverage and i don't think this is a stretch. Nbc and peacock harvard leaning heavily on simone biles katie la decade. There's no same.

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