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Thinks that some 45 on Colorado's morning news heading over to be Kay's sports desk at his home he's talking about the Rocky says they want on the road. Yeah. Berlin, Marty. The Rockies did something last night. They haven't done all year. Pick up a win on the road, and they did so intending speeding San Francisco 75. They also did something they've never done in franchise history, and it started with this. One pitch. Hit the air right center field all the way back, and it is over and out of here. Two run homer for Ryan McMann on a shot to right center. And the Rockies leading 6 to 4 in the 10th My grace with the call and what made the McMahon Homer historic was on the next to bat first baseman CJ Crone within his night, a perfect three for three when he would hit a solo shot to extend the lead to 7 to 4. It was the first time in the history of Iraqis that they've hit back to back extra inning home runs following the wind. McMahon was asked about that 10th inning blast. It's fun to play well, and everything went, you know, it's just How it is. It's no fun playing well and you know the team losing and everybody being a bad mood, so this one felt good for sure. Daniel Bard wasn't able to earn the save but did end up earning the win. Thanks to those 10th inning heroics by his teammates, Carlos establish shut the door in the 10th earned the Save. The Rockies will try to win their third series in a row in the rubber match with the Giants tonight. Armand Marquez gets the start for Colorado. Alex Wood for San Fran, You can hear Jack Corrigan and Mike Rice with the call starting at seven. Bar pregame coverage. First pitch 7 45 on Kaylie News, radio and screaming free of charge and I Heart radio Football Arena tonight. The Nuggets are looking for win number three in a row when they host the pelicans at seven Denver's 1 67 after losing Jamal Murray for the year with a knee injury. And their 13 3 records since the trade deadline when they acquired Aaron Gordon is the best mark in the NBA. The Avalanche were the best team in the NHL before their covert pause. And while they were on the shelf for those three games, Vegas leapfrogged, um in the standings. Colorado try to cut into that four point margin for first place in the West. Tonight in Sin City, Put drop with the Golden Knights 7 30 that sports I'm writing. Crystal Cohen, his radio on the Rockets often Rockies.

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