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As little something small as you know the the way that you're gonna use your phone the way you're gonna sized video doesn't fit across all those platforms so you have to make it unique to each one. I sort of see the mean where it's like. You have your lincoln picture and your instagram picture in there. Too late in world. That's the user behavior on those platforms. And you have to adjust to that so you have to learn about those different things. So i think initially were the pandemic hit us. Is that my access personally. Working directly with players and coaches was extremely limited. It was very much from afar. It was all virtual. It was all at a distance whereas on a typical day in a normal season. I'd be in the locker room with the players every day. I can get exclusive interviews. I can get you know fun. Facts about the place. I can have players. Do voice recordings things that could really enhance voice app so we had a kind thing baby steps. I would say this first year. We will leverage leverage. The voice of the eagles reese who has an iconic voice and it beloved by the fans and. There's those things that we wanted to build up. We had a couple of different marketing pushes throughout the year. One late in the two thousand and twenty regular season another one just around the twenty twenty one nfl draft. I think the big thing for us there was. Let's have something where fans will come. They can experience it. Get a taste of it and hopefully a that. The product works and it does seem experienced. Because if it's if it's wonky or anything like that they're not gonna wanna come back and be. Just give them something. Tammy's point about you know his kid playing on the disney app or any video game. You you have that reason to come back and it makes me think of my boys who are thirteen. Eleven and there the video games they play. It's like they add little. You know things where you can get custom uniforms. Or you know different rewards. It's that little gift that little treat. That makes you keep coming back from so you. You both brought up to subjects. That i think everyone that's looking to get into. This channel is very interested in hearing stories about one is content and the other is team right. So let's take them one by one so when it comes to content and we look at. We've looked at your editorial calendar. You know over the past year you guys have these ten goals of events right and that can be considered like these are the things you anticipate. We're going have draft day. We're going to have a early training. We're going to have the season you don't know what's going to happen in the season. So you've got this plan of what feels like back. In the day we call it sort of evergreen content versus like opportunistic. Contact the thing that we know we're going to do versus the things that are just gonna show up at our doorstep and we got to be prepared to execute. How are you guys thinking through. Those different models of content may be the wrong term. But i think you get what i'm saying like. How are you incorporating those different opportunities into how you execute cmec job on that one so being here full-time since two thousand and four things have changed in the nfl were it is a year round. It's obviously not year round sport but the news and the attention geared toward the nfl is dictate all three hundred sixty five days of the year because events like the draft. And you know right now. There's many camps and practices going on in the spring. There's always something the schedule released. This year became a huge event where. Nfl network blows it out. And there's hour long. Specials teams are doing all of this concept behind it so pretty much we have a calendar of all of our big events of the year ranging from training camps is season to the off season events and will look down the line you know one month two months three months at a time to say all right. This is on the horizon. What big things do we wanna do for this. What can we do to blow it out of the park looking at what we've done in the past with such things and then you're gonna have the day to day news things and those are the things that you need to just compliment With breaking news so on the voice app for example for the draft we had our voice. Eagles merrill reese when we drafted devante smith with the tenth overall pick. He instantly did a recording pretending that he was announcing his first touchdown in the nfl Something for fans get excited about and merrill was quite excited himself to the philadelphia. Eagles voice assistance. It's time to practice by all the first pick. The ones i spent goes deep holes. It in town one days. If you want to learn more about the draft just say tell me more about the nfl grant but we also made sure to say the nuts and bolts okay. When is the draft. Where can i follow it. Where can i watch it. Who do we pick. Who have we signed so It's that fine balance of trying to look down the road and try to plan out those big picture events and jason. That's what you and the voice team are very good with are saying. Hey look you know. Let's get ahead of some things down the road. What marquee events Do we have coming up for example. We have our annual eagles autism challenge. Which is a huge run bike Event that raises money for the eagles autism foundation. They've raised over ten million dollars into a couple of years. That's a big event coming up. It looks like it's going to be during a preseason game this summer so we're already having those talks about. What can we do to incorporate the voice experience. Because we haven't really done that in previous iterations and i'll add onto that one too it's You know we as kind of our our our content created team is marketed as eagles entertainment. you know. We have a pretty extensive catalog video and stories and articles image images on It's no tremendous wonderful articles as well throughout the season. We wanna be complementary of all of our had logs as well right so there's certain things at work really well in certain regard certain things that we think that we will be called hundred ancillary content. Where it not only can hype off the main content piece that were looking for but it can also be like a standalone piece in itself right so for example. We hired a brand new coaching staff. This year coach. Who came on from indianapolis you know. He sat down. i interview. that interview was recorded. it was a one on one exclusive Of video east that we launched on oliver forums on the voice stuff we said. Well what can we do to start enhancing that piece because fans wanna know who coach is right so you produced a acuity kind of gets yanni You know back and forth a voice conversation as a content piece Not only standalone piece but it also works in conjunction with this main piece of also putting out there and were everything together. Almost -gistically writes a be realized that there's an opportunity for that to where waste apps through conversation can also lend nicely to a understanding and getting to know somebody for example but at the same time. Hyping up some additional content that reproduced on other channels. And i feel year to really getting good at good at that. So that's kind of like our in our focus for these next year is going to be rush is a really good point. I want to add real quick. I think one of the things fell off for us. Internally was important early on was when we discussed content. It's usually okay. How's it going gonna look in an editorial form. Which is my avenue. Social video now incorporating voice into as well and it's important that on top of mind for high level executives to really buy in it. You don't have that buying. It's not gonna go far. But that increase the coolest thing that about that. Jason even our offers when they're out there in a shoot they'll be thinking about like how do we like. Excel something like this in a voice in martin. So they're out there shooting video but at the same time now they're thinking about. Is there anything that we can capture. Maybe we can use it for voice. You know i'll give you really quick example without one too but You know just miked up our offensive in these benza coordinator.

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