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The group, seeking to negotiate a lower price tag for a covert recovery plan, says they had a productive meeting tonight with President Biden at the White House. It was a very good exchange of views. Top Senate Republican Mitch McConnell has denounced Georgia's controversy. So Congresswoman and conspiracy there ist Marjorie Taylor Greene, calling her a cancer for the Republican Party. The House is considering action against Green, treacherous streets are reported in the Northeast after more than a foot of snow has fallen on New York City. Some people were out enjoying the weather plan. Today's ski until I get too tired and have to go home. Mine Learning continues this week in Chicago, there's been a cooling off period between the teacher's Union and city school board negotiators. Stocks made triple digit gains on Wall Street today. I'm Jackie Quinn. AP News I'm Jackie Quinn. It was a productive meeting at the White House. That's according to Senator Susan Collins of Maine, one of the group that met with President Biden today seeking toe lower his covert 19 recovery package, Colin says they don't agree on how to get there, but they share common goals. Struggling families. Teetering small businesses and overwhelmed health care system, getting vaccines out and into people's arms and strengthening our economy. And addressing the public health crisis that we face. The Centers for Disease Control says new coping 19 cases are down in recent weeks, but virus mutations are causing grave concern. There are now three confirmed cases of a worrisome South African variant in the US, the latest in Maryland. Early indications are that existing vaccines may not protect as well against that variant. Meantime, the government says it's awarded the contract for an Australian company to run About production of the only over the counter coded 19, a home test. Soccer Megane Washington The snow keeps on falling in the Northeast, expecting up to 2 Ft. In some locations. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio searching people to just stay indoors. You're gonna see 2 to 4 inches of snow per hour. That is extremely intense. No, that's blinding snow. You do not want to be out in that If there's any way you can avoid it, or deaths have been linked to the storm and Pennsylvania, an elderly woman with Alzheimer's who wandered away in Allentown and then three people shot to death in Luzerne County. In an argument over snow removal in Minneapolis, a new police policy after the death of George Floyd officers will no longer be allowed to turn off their body cameras. Even when speaking privately on a call Stocks were higher today. This is AP News They're getting ready for the Super Bowl This Sunday In Tampa, Florida the Tampa Bay Buccaneers began their week of preparations for Super Bowl 55 by sitting down for media Day held virtually this year because of the pandemic for defensive end Jason Pierre Paul. It doesn't matter if the obligations this weaker virtual or in person. The goal for him is the same. I'm just here trying to win a game head coach for Syrian, says wide receiver Antonio Brown and safety Antoine Winfield Junior who both missed the NFC championship game in Green Bay. Continue to progress toward possibly playing this week. The Bucks will be the first team to play Super Bowl in their home stadium when they take on the Kansas City Chiefs at Raymond James Stadium Sunday evening. Steve Kearney Tampa rocker Marilyn Manson's been dropped by his record label actress Evan Rachel Wood for the first time is named him as the man she accused of sexual and other physical abuse during their relationship. Would made the accusations on Instagram. I'm Jackie Quinn. AP News Now when they volunteer to extradite me and my son Japan for something like this. Yeah. You feel a great sense of betrayal? Just think. How would you care if you hadn't done anything wrong and they pick you up and throw you in jail because so foreign prosecutor said So. Taylor and his son Peter Taylor, are accused of working with another man to smuggle Carlos going out of Japan in a large box on a private jet and December 20 and 18. They were arrested in May and Michael and Peter Stiller have both been locked up in a Massachusetts jail. Since then, while they've been fighting their extradition a winter wallop in the Northeast. I'm Jackie quit with an AP news Minute blizzard conditions stay off the roads stay off the streets and sidewalks. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio where snow is heavy and more than a foot and a half could accumulate the snow. That's blanket in much of the Northeast has disrupted transit and canceled a number of Corona virus vaccine clinic. X At the White House tonight, President Biden met with the 10 GOP senators who proposed their own counterproposal to his virus recovery plan, cutting spending by about two thirds Republicans Susan Collins of Maine. It was a very good exchange of views. Dustin Diamond has died. The 44 year old actor had battled cancer for just a few weeks online trading platform. Robin Hood says it's lined up $3.4 billion to help meet its funding requirement. Submit a spike in trading on Wall Street stocks Rally today with the Dow up more than 200 points. I'm Jackie Quinn. AP News I'm Jackie Quinn, a meeting of the minds this evening at the White House, where 10 senators are explaining their $618 billion counterproposal to the president's covert recovery plan. White House press secretary Jen Psaki says this is a chance to negotiate good faith effort to have a discussion. The president's inviting them here in good faith on we will see where it goes from here. Texas Republican John Cornyn says the Democrats want to tuck in too much pork into their plan. This is a process designed as a way to neck Certain fiscal policies in a budget resolution. Things like spending reductions, tax relief or tax increases. Infectious disease expert Dr Anthony Fauci is reiterating the need to get more Americans vaccinated against the coronavirus, especially with new concerns about the variant strains that are more contagious and could be more resistant viruses cannot mutate. If they don't replicate. And if you stop there, replication by vaccinating widely and not giving the virus and open playing field, the White House is stepping up efforts to have a home testing kit, Mass produced for use by residents in the US snow and ice are blanketing parts of the Northeast 2. FT. Could cover New York and New Jersey by tomorrow. In Boston Mayor Marty Walsh warns residents went to storm warning is in effect until 5 a.m. tomorrow morning. In a coastal flood advisories in effect, Police in Vacaville, California arrested a man suspected of killing two women. They were notified by someone who saw a live stream this weekend. 29 year old Raymond Weber is being held without bond. Ah, US billionaire is buying an entire space X flight planning to take three people with him to circle the globe this year. Gereb Isaac Man is using the trip to raise money for ST Jude's Children's Research Hospital. This is AP News North Carolina's Motor Vehicle Department will no longer issues specialty license plates that feature.

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