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Going to be a really fun day. You can make reservations at cardinals nation dot com. See the menu. Also, your ticket includes admission to the museum and also a cocktail you can add bottomless cocktails for just a couple of bucks more. So an awesome awesome event coming up on Sunday, March third cardinals nation dot com. Hey, speaking of the museum, you're always bringing in new galleries and something that we spoke about a month ago with Brian Finch about that. He was excited about is a new exhibit. That's presented by Rawlings pain, protection and performance the evolution of baseball equipment. It blends the old the history of the equipment with the new technology and the new equipment. It's really amazing to see what these players used in in the late eighteen hundreds early nineteen hundreds compared to the advances in today's game. And we show a little bit of everything. We've we've tried to show when equipment changed whether pertain to performance protection. Bane of playing the sport. If there was a mile marker of something changes changed. We've we've tried to show that in the exhibit and everybody should come out. And check it out whether it's a game day or non game day. The museum is open ten AM to six PM and their stuff their stuff for kids to do their stuff for adults. Do there's interactive. It's seriously my favorite exhibit that we put on cardinals dot com slash museum. We have to talk the official pre-game party tickets on sale at cardinals dot com slash pre-game easily the best place you can pre game for any cardinal gains..

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