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You know, he hit me in the fourth round with a right hand. He actually was a twice. But that was I think it was it was more on on my fault. You know, rushing it with my hands down than anything. Still didn't he still was kind of confused? You still really didn't have an answer. And it was still a very close fight both of them. We got the draw the first fight the second five was controversial. So I don't I don't think he's got my number. You know, my sows very hard to you know, to bring in fighters four, and and to prepare for so, you know, I think it's going to be an exciting finance, and he pedestals he's got some really good striking come from his background, his taekwondo background. So I think he's going to be fun. Now, we're folks to zoom out. They take the macro perspective. They say. I'll Anthony Pettus good striker wonderboy Thompson, good striker. But you're very different kinds of strikers, you kind of alluded to it. But in concrete terms, our audience can understand why are you different? Strikers. It. I think the way. No. He's more of a I'm more of a mover. I think more of an angler when whenever I whatever I fight whenever you seen you fight. I work a lot of angles used to my kicks a lot. I think so more variety of kicks in than than than pedestals. Yeah. He's got some crazy kicks man off. The cage was called the pet is kick. Now that he's in and w w St. Showtime. But I think I don't know. Yeah. The Showtime kid. That's right. It's Showtime kick. But I don't know, man. That's a good question. Like, it's it's kind of it's it's very difficult to break down. Because we all we have some similarities we ask differences. Well, I think he's he uses he's more well rounded like he's submitted. Some really good really good high level grapplers in the past. I mean his last fight at one. It was one fifty five he submitted a Kisa, you know, John thought was going to go the other way around. Yeah. He's submitted. And it was gonna work now guess has moved up to one seventy defeated Carlos Condit. Oh, I think that's another reason why he thinks he's gonna do well in the ones offended division because you got a lot of one fifty five or smooth up. Of course Cowboys thrown he did well as done well in my division. He's moved back down. But yeah, man, it's. I always think under better striker. I I'm definitely a better striker than Pettus. So I've got the reach on them. I'm faster than him. And I'm coming with more power and fair to say, you have just a more unique style. Now, Anthony Pez has a very unique style and take some risks. But is generally I would say some an this is going to sound crazy. But you're right in terms of that moving thing, you do that is much more rare even with that creativity that Anthony pedestal. So it's fair to say, he's probably not fought a lot of louvers like you. And again, I'm not saying you fought Pedersen's clone. That's not what I'm saying. But someone a little bit more in that tradition. Yeah. I agree and your start, but you are starting to see more of that style. And he come see I mean gonna Nelson because from karate background Conor McGregor. When he fought Josie Aldo is movement man was on point. And he uses that movement to really lured his partner in and is opponent in. That's why ended up landing that left hand. And I and I'm, you know, fight the same way Anderson Silva, the notified that way as well. And now you see in Israel donnas doing the same thing. So you're starting to see and one of the best MVP. Venom can amazing. So you're starting to see more and more of it. But a lot of these guys doing this for years. You know, they've been doing this for a very long time. So it's hard for just some Joe blow to pick it up and be able to do it out there in the octagon, you know, in in six weeks, or whatever. So, but you are seeing seeing more and more of that style. What do you make of the wills who had division today? You..

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