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On you. Don't think all we're gonna get all we're going to get from. You is a time of daniel bryan of all people. Saying i wish people could see you how i see you. That's that's a lot. That's a big deal to me when you when you think about who loves daniel bryan right and the way most of those people view. Vince mcmahon hearing daniel bryan. Say i wish people could see you how i see. You is pretty fascinating on the eve of what he's calling his. The biggest up of his career put it just to be selling a fight for the company by the way. I don't know if he knows this proofs that we know nothing we know nothing. Because you know it's always been reported and discussed the innuendo is always that he never got daniel bryan and that he never understood him and mainly because of his stature and that he was never going to achieve the greatness that he did achieve as a result of that and that instagram post just proves that we don't know anything have been worked thousands in present. And guess what. I as you know during my experience at romania this year I don't know anything. That's it's everything you hear. You hear people say this stuff over and over and over again without actually knowing anything and daniel bryan was given the opportunity to run with the ball for this company. You know the the he's the guy and they probably offered him a good amount of money to stay and he decided the right thing was to go so You can read the whole thing on the players tribune but props daniel bryan Listen that that's one of the cool things about the stage. I don't think. Aws not the place. That's gonna get upset about him taking this moment to thank wwe before he moves on I think they're good with it. I think they know it. All brings attention to them That was neat. I wasn't i didn't even get to the end. He who knows. I wonder there's obviously. I wonder if there's a part you would think where he talks about is more. Oh yeah i loved my time and wwe. Needless to say it changed my life. I met my wife. had unbelievable. experiences made great friends. Some of you. I may see again and i hope that i do but these last two years have taught us not to take that for granted so i just wanted to tell you all how much you've meant to me. I'm grateful that you allowed me into your lives and that you came into mind. I'll cherish these memories forever. Thank you for reading and most of all. Thank you for caring sincerely bryan danielson. He's like orega water guy There's a. I skipped a paragraph. That's good to hold on and last but certainly not least thank you to the. Wwe fans you push. My career to new heights heights that i never would have reached for on my own. Thank you for cheering enthusiastically into the main event at wrestlemainia thirty. And thank you for me. Vociferously against kofi wrestlemainia thirty five. Thank you for crying with me. When i was forced to hire and thank you for celebrating with me when i was cleared to compete. Thank you for hijacking that show in seattle. The last time my dad ever got to see me wrestle. He signed his first autograph that night. Buddy danielson daniel. Bryan's dad may each. Thank you for the moments that i will never forget moments where i can just close my eyes and feel the goosebumps all over again. I hope you'll continue to follow me in a w. but i completely understand if you don't you've given me more than enough more than i could ever repay. Thank you for all of mankind. That was one. That was the one thing i was waiting for that i never got. That's odd thank you considering how made you are do the united this text him with hello question question marks. What about me. What about peter. What about me he'll respond. Who's this it's peter rosenberg by the way and you know what he'll say. Hey peter rate is a great guy. The daniel bryan story of of coming to. Wwe being the guy that he was you know. Finding this amazing wife who is like sort of the embodiment of all things pop. Wwe like the fact that he married brie. Bella it's such an amazing sort of underrated part of the story. Almost you know it's like it's like the dude from revenge of the nerds marrying the hottest girl in the sorority instead of committing. What many believe to be sexual assault on her in the film if instead he married like that's what he is. He's almost revenge of the nerds marrying the hottest girl in school with all respecting o'brien. He's not actually cool ass dude but the role. He played in that company. This tiny undersized indie nerd vegan no drugs no alcohol life especially early onto especially early on before he had his swag because he got his swag up. he found his seattle coffee drinking pharmacy. Swag daniel bryan eventually founded. But first he was as my old co hosts k fox used to say swag lists so shout out to daniel bryan. It's a pretty historic run. That's how i felt like a in. When i was at maryland. I worked at the college radio station. I started dating a tri del. I was daniel bryan until she dumped me. Five months felt like. I said she dumped. Yup she dumped me five months later. And then i went from you know daniel bryan to like go ahead throw out there. Throw an ultimate djebrouni out there because that's what it felt like i was no longer live. There was no longer dan. O'brien i was urkel circle. I was trying to find the wrestling comparison. I was. I was berry. Oh you.

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