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So I get better physical and melt mental health and most importantly, happiness. And he will be knighted, sir. Q. of the Fed's named Ben, and he wants to keep toes into Kia served at the roundtable. You know, if you do. Zing of the Pavlov theory where you ring a bell, and if he do all these things that make somebody wrecked certain way, I think if you work out and work out really hard and start developed muscles while listening to this show. Yeah, you can just listen to the show and your muscles grow who? Yes, makes sense. That's an age chart that surcharge of the tiny cars and m a mouse, pronounce it. M m m Pennsylvania. I'm not sure eight and finally wrap it up with sir Wayne Larkham of Brisbane, Australia, and that concludes our group and he's, he celebrates. The same anniversary date. Eight, ten years. Got married on eight eight. We had merit eight, eight eight, but eight is involved good. Shaan McCall sixty three thirty six in Bloomington, Minnesota, Greg, in Fort Wayne, Indiana, he actually sent in a note card and. Actually, I put it aside because might be worth reading. Glasses on. Don't put on the cube glasses, the right ones on, I'll be reading something weird, repentant douchebag here I've been hiding behind the excuse of my small grad school stipend for too long is no longer after spending the summer stocking WalMart, shells with ungodly amounts of MAC and cheese satiate the hungry slaves. I'm pleased. The share some of my earnings with you. Academia is assess pool of tedious. What does that you know? Tedious? Yeah. Oh, Trump derangement syndrome. Tedious Noah. Gender has been invaluable in helping me maintain my sanity. Thank you both for providing a healthy and hilarious attorney to the transparent schilling week analysis in outrageous alarmism of the EMF five m stay woke, stay woke. They will. That was a good note. One of those notes. Vivus shin Trowbridge Trowbridge will feature, and he says, he started listening to the show during the twenty sixteen presidential campaign has not missed a show since his first and long overdue donation. So he would like digital. Anti douched very much Alan from Tober John Kerry to Tom Dari. Dari in divorce was kansin fifty, five ten, Michael gates. Fifty to eighty in the following..

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