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Me know. All right. Probably post God two strokes. Larry Glick WBZ. Okay. Now, Iran and say one thing. Yes. I know how the rules getting them and everything, but you know, when people are senior citizens. They make concessions. Category. Oh, yes. Go ahead. If you could give a certificate. I mean, a T shirt to every senior citizen over seventy five we'll get the ten mile swimming certificate. Good idea. Bobby Frankel, right? Anco? Yes. I saw him this weekend. Okay. Well, listen, you stay on the line. And I think Rick has a little something a little surprise for you. Okay. Okay. Talking to you one of my favorite people. Thank you Isabelle. Bye. Bye. Two five four five six seven eight. Hello kyle. You doing let me check not bad. Thank you. Cow. Keep talking. It's a talk show, Steven. Filled up with somebody talking. The Airways me filled up with someone talking. Oh, you don't give. If there's no doggy. We don't get paid. Very where are you called raceway right now? Oh, Foxborough, you jockey? Director. Oh, and we don't have jockeys down. Here. We have drivers drivers. Sorry. Sorry drivers. That's right publicity. Who wants Foxborough? Very hard question to answer at this point. Okay. To figure it out. Well, forget it. Collect my pay and show up every day. And I'm okay, right. Who were the last four owners four owner? Well, let's see. There was Eddie animal, then right? Right. Yeah. It's too. That's true. Drivers a a lot of drivers who cleans up down there. The drivers are the PR, man. Nobody really cleans up two days. As yet. Maintenance, man, do most of the cleaning up just kinda survive. Okay. Well. Because I.

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