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Coming to woody's defense what can you tell us about the story. yeah I mean sergeant Hanson became aware of woody Allen's primary music I guess me early on I'm sure the match point and Vicky Cristina Barcelona image you became very close and recently for Harley recorder interview if she was asked about working with him now in the last year a many actors a target backtrack on working with him pretty girl looking particularly when the first after six Staci regretted working with him one of his movies. I remember yeah yeah yeah yeah the writing starts to but yeah it's got your hands and we should ask that she apparently because and then said that she loved him and that she has no problem working with and that she'd pressed him personally on the allegations and she believes I have a story which immediately sort of put her in a very negative news cycle where Marvel fans were calling for the beginning of the black window film and I think more importantly it might help you our Oscar chances of fear because. rolled version are you being hyped for possible nominations and it sounds like the like this could backfire in the long run so the very fascinating to see if you know she's able to recoup any kind of negativity that has been sort of John her what happened there there was a story a day or so ago about Dylan fair of that's the daughter that would he shares with mia Farrow who made the allegation really can deadlines Scarlett Johannson yes she hi it should definitely call the I think I have the quote here truly appointments calculation and she slipped her because I mean in the same interview Charlton Heston also talked about her work me too and I think you know doing parasite exhorted eighty year old. Hey kind of a double standard. we do both right one of those cities yeah yes yeah and you know she definitely has a degree night champion is issued you've got a really listen to all the victims not just the ones that might implicate the people that you wish I can admire and our friends back about the problems really sort of you know come from people not wanting to turn on the day I think what they're certain believer in as that the house what's gonna happen his career you know for a while he was cranking out about a movie a year any E. L. those movies didn't make an intense amount of money they always made some money but now no one wants to distribute his movies anymore will he somehow find a distributor or do we even care anymore is it is it got to that point with him. no I mean she owed me curiosity around his work because he is the money you know I mean for better or worse the worst was hugely influential intellectual and seventy center not comedy cinema I'd you know he still is critically about film per year but you're doing it mostly in Europe with European **** Amazon some minor damage to rock hit their deal with handy can a couple years ago I had a very huge deal for a number of pictures I'm one of those was made but could make hand will never be that we know distributed out so much in a shallow may start in on the kill a character named ghastly well you are today but yeah I it's hard to say that they have because he is someone who has created so many amazing works of cinematic art have you touch that includes other filmmakers but at the same time the way culture is now where were less likely to Taurus give these you know creators have pride history is you know that sort of stuff the doubt yeah. I just saw something on the site dot com and you did that to this story clear spelled dead but I have to bring us up I accidentally watched keeping up with the Kardashians and couple few hours later I was still watching it but there is some news that Kris Jenner is going to be addressing the rumors that she had an affair with OJ Simpson and that Khloe Kardashian is the offspring that's coming up this Sunday on keeping up with the Kardashians yes yes it seems that in there they're hyping it up so currently the you know she's going to finally address the fact that the tabloids keep circulating rumors that she had had an affair thirty seven cents each and apparently you know in the clip her voice is shaking she's really upset and you know she but she said after twenty five years you think it's just the word math staying we don't know more but it sounds like the implication that she had it that there is you know really hurtful to her and she can finally speak out about it this Sunday is OJ going to be part of that taping because he is out in available and I'm surprised he's not pushing himself and I need to speak these rumors. it would be indeed it would definitely be some I don't doubt that you know he's gonna pop up as a new character on the show this season but then I never thought. Ernesto either and look at what happened there yeah that's never know indecency if he takes to Twitter critics including a lot now after his trolls and you know trolling them back so I feel like either in here from OJ might be in the park tweet one three acre out what Chris has to say making a couple years ago when the admitted she had a fling with Homer Simpson and are shown it didn't change anything. although my kids yellow. you know and I mentioned earlier was talking about my kids history class and they're gonna read devil in the white city and I for god's Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese are making like a mini series out of this for Netflix I don't know what come forward. just waiting for a light year I think it really be a film and now it's me and many. I mean I think they're too if Leo so gonna play H. H. Holmes but they're still either still producing at and it seems like I think it's actually in the. yeah yeah yeah passing a see how come together that because the nominal I love the air Corsini off their and I'm I'm really can see how much of you in Chicago because after the last weekend and you know if there's so many beautiful architectural wonder that could be a very easily added to the story because that's a huge part of how the crime came to be I have this course is a question for you as well making if your feelings because. a couple years ago they announced that Martin Scorsese was directing a documentary about SCTV which is I think the funniest show of all time I couldn't wait there were almost two years past that announcement and I haven't seen anything beyond that do you know anything about it because I can't find it any number hearing about it being fake I see you on the deck scratch comedy. but yeah I don't think it's a Netflix I recall seeing yes do you know if we need to constantly working on things and hand them I feel like I have dropped the same time yeah and he also prepping killers of flour mill with the Caprio there's a lot going on I would expect because it is sort of like one of those smaller documented you're doing after the Irishman premieres mistaking character we might see it drop some time like next year if he's still working on it the Irishman has taken all of his okay so last year or so so I should stop texting him. I mean if you can are you badly. I I don't know about me back yet. okay not yet I'm I want to ask you about such a beer and Colin I loved his who is America and it was funny he's getting serious can we take a quick break and find out more about that absolutely it's Megan Okie she's deputy editor at decider dot com it's honestly one of the best websites out there if your into television or entertainment or anything of that ilk it's bill after twenty Snyder at seven twenty WGN..

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