Lake Um, Fifteen Twenty Hours discussed on The Clark Howard Podcast - Clark Howard 06.08.17


Uh the reason that i like it is in me and i lake um that there are fewer complications by eight you believe that i will have an opportunity to grow the business pretty significantly this year and i'm concerned about what might involve for a single owner l l c is adding an employee there's no problem with that other than or do making a good living running it yourself i would say that um i am making enough he keep our two girls and college if you're doing that and you're happy with how you're running it you've been doing it for a decade you will change the entire nature of your enterprise if you start adding employees and and seamer really want that growth that the business keep it simple and keep its small would just you and i think part of my concern was also adding an employee what that might look like humming and quite an an and also adding more burton qui time why doing bookkeeping and other things like that so if you're looking at me as a sounding board just hearing you it sounds like you need meat is to say don't do don't grow the business beyond what you can organically handle yourself so i want to suggest a a possible compromise just test the waters of little with a part timer oh don't jump in with both feet try with an additional person who works for you may be fifteen twenty hours a week see if you like that is making as an improvement in your business or in your lifestyle and if it's not then go back to it just being you don't feel like you're suddenly going to climb a mountain with growing the business just tip your toes in the water.

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