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So I think Vermont was in a tough spot there. And as I looked at it afterwards. I was disappointed in myself now playing his Lipscomb in that game Vermont coming out of double overtime win at home. And then pretty quick turnaround goes and plays. It whips cone definitely was a bad spot for Vermont there. It's still interesting to see after the fact, you know, okay, that's type of spot they need to look for it with poem. You know, at this point, though, the question is is Clinton going to overlook team like this. I would think that there's less chance that they'll over. Look team like this now that they've they've won those type of games having said that you know, how this Clemson. And how good is Lipscomb. I mean, there's let's comb really that much worse than Clemson. I I don't I don't think the answer is. Yes there. I mean because you look at the schedule they point so far this year Lipscomb is clearly played the tougher schedule. It's not even close. So how many points are we going to get with Lipscomb in this game? You know, probably five five and a half six points. I lied to. Let's come here. Plus the points. Why not to? I mean, you know, this is something we can talk about once we get into conference play a little bit more. But I know that you've had some questions about Clemson and the coaching and you'll this team actually playing up to its potential because it feels like it just hasn't happened. And that makes games like this very dangerous for those types of teams. Yeah. Definitely. I mean, I think Clinton's a team that always says potential and they can pull that upset, but they're consistency is not not very good. You know, let's phone to me because they had a bad game yet. I mean, they lost by four points. Belmont lost like to Belmont whilst by four at Louisville. So I mean, if you're getting five or six points here with Lipscomb there. I would think you'd at least get five points. So, you know, I'm curious to see what this line comes out at, but I certainly into Lipscomb, and I will say that this is one of those games that will be an added game. So so I'm will likely be out as early as most of the other games. Oh, that's things up here on this money initiative being the book radio I by wishing everybody out there merry Christmas and happy holidays. You know, again wanted to make sure that we got something out here for you on Monday. So he didn't go two full days without a show, and Kyle is certainly thank you for. Thank you and your family for making this work here. But also, you know, I didn't mention the top of the show. Don't forget about that bang the book promo code over. At sl sportsbook BT and the number two hundred hundred percent deposit match of the sportsbook hundred percent deposit match bonus four in the live casino as well and Kyle wrap things up here by you telling us what's going on over at hunter sports, fix dot com. Yeah. I mean, I started well in college basketball, thirty one and sixteen so far this year in college basketball. So what with the price of the college basketball season pass checked out out of there aren't sports fix dot com. But I didn't really want to have a long flawed year for this week. I just wanted to tell everybody Ananta Christmas. Happy holidays, everybody, whatever you're celebrating. Hope you have a really good time with friends and family and thanks for tuning into thing. Both. Well, Mary Christmas to you, and yours brother safe travels with where you're going, and we'll talk to you next week. Hey, same anything fan. There you go. There's Kyle hunter you can find his work over at hunter sports picks dot com. And at Kyle hunter picks on Twitter no show on Tuesday with the Christmas holiday. We'll be back on Wednesday more than likely with Brian Leonard. And also west Reynolds, they'll do it for me. They get so much for listening everybody, and we'll talk to you again on Wednesday. Hi, it's Jamie, progressive's employee of the month two months in a row. Leave a message at the. Hi, jamie. It's me, Jamie..

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