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But Kyle Ride just finished off on him. He did, of course, have a slip up this weekend, he had a crash while leading one of the races. So if he didn't have that blip, he could have potentially been second or third of the championship at the moment. Potentially. It was to Ryan Vickers gain, though, in that particular race, race two, I think it was, where Vickers finished P2. So yeah, I mean, hey ho. Let's start in race one. I mean, well, going back to the qualifying actually, Leon Haslam, I think for the race one started on the front row. So I think he even got the new lap record as well in race one. Well, we were expecting with the new track surface at Donington that it would be a new lap record this weekend in the race, and it was. And yeah, Leon Haslam currently has the new lap record around Donington. Yeah, he's flying this year on that BMW. And certainly, if we compare him, let's say just to one year ago on that Lee Hardy Kawasaki, he looked like he was lost. He looked like he didn't know what he wanted to do or what he wanted from his race meetings. And now he went on to that BMW, that Rocket and BMW Motorrad bike, and he's straight away flying in the front like his father did back in the day, Rocket Ron. But this time, Leon Haslam on the Rocket BMW, qualified in second and was fighting for podium positions all the way throughout the weekend. So yeah, good mix of manufacturers at the moment at the front in BSB as well. The BMWs, the Yamahas, Ducatis, even a glimpse of Honda this weekend as well. So yeah, race one, it was Kyle Wright, of course, did start in that pole position. And he managed to convert that into his first race win of the weekend, which straight away I was impressed by. It was something that we were expecting going into the race weekend, but it was flying.

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