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To the pure consulting Inc for pre approval, and he also did not include the link that was supposed to be swiped up when your viewing Instagram story. Which is we all know is kind of like a big deal. If you're looking at something, and you can't swipe up you can't really get like what they're talking about. And he was also supposed to he didn't follow through injury meant he was supposed to wear the spectacles during Alon or Paris fashion weeks, and he was a baby paid sixty thousand dollars for these four Instagram posts three being the story one being on his main page, they paid them forty five thousand dollars of front, and they are now suing him for that forty five thousand dollars, plus another forty five thousand an additional damages which is pretty much the interest on the forty five thousand court fees potential loss from the snap. Spectacles, mapping advertise. And then, of course, just like general Ford of agreement looking at his website, total side note, his latest campaign is forever in water, which feels that just makes less doesn't it again at times buying Afghan water who's blank snap spectacles. Like, it's just the ven diagram of who this person is coming together. Okay. Continuing the no that's pretty much it. I mean, he is being like, you know, he has to go to court now in like fight this because they pay them all this money, and he didn't follow through, but it's getting complicated. Because a lot of people been talking about in the last year or so, and this is why we're talking about. Now, the whole thing that comes with advertising is like, you know, legal side. Like the fact this is original is his payment. This is a job or you contracted. Are you employees? What is the FTC the Federal Trade Commission to say about it like, what do you even claim on your taxes? How do we know this is paid advertising? There's just questions are coming into play here because of how much money we was being exchanged to scale what level of influence or he is. I looked up yard Sheedy's Instagram co-star Greenwich, she has two more million followers than him. So like again, I don't think on the level of influencers. He's really like out here like that. So it's interesting that he would be the one getting sued like, yeah, I could see a chi-. Really or a KENDALL or akin lake someone in that sphere of like true influencers making the fact that like some b list celebrity from ABC sitcom is getting sued for this is what I find. So fascinating. I think it's so crazy. I've been thinking about this a lightly with like all these new video streaming sites coming out in their system as so many social media like interactions per day how like just like ten years ago or fifteen years ago when something online got a million views. It was like it was literally on primetime news people were like this video was a millions of went viral and everyone, quote, unquote, everyone is talking about it. And now you can go on Facebook. And some light compilation of like awkward outta creek. Text messages like some video has like six hundred million views on Facebook. And I'm like, that's just Facebook alone. And then there's like the YouTube urgen, the other son conversion the like, you know, any other different streaming Simon Instagram itself has videos with like hundreds millions of us now. And it's just kind of like bizarre that one point four million followers, though, a lot is in in getting paid. A lot is still not. Really that much compared to like the credentials like a hundred and twenty million followers, and then the following clans of people around them compile even more of that. So yeah, it's just really bizarre..

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