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Golf club once again your hosts PGA professionals Jordan young Mike Fay and Brian cairns and W. J. ours own Sean blue Jr well golf is going to be front and center again next Sunday as it was today it will be again next week everybody's gonna be talking about the match the champions for charity that's at the Metalist are down in Florida and it's interesting we just had a professional soccer player on in case you haven't figured that out that's Brian goose Finnerty who played for the Detroit rockers back in the day heck of a of a keeper obviously doing well right now in the golfing world as well but I wanted to run this by you guys because you hear about the hockey players out there Rick rolled was a notable notable baseball player who was a pretty good golfer you guys have been teaching you guys have been a different courses have you had a run in with an athlete that just so happens to be a great golfer as well is there anybody that comes to mind Jordan I'll start with you first is there anybody that comes to mind because as you well know you were talking about it would during McCarty on Friday night on on the show right here on seven sixteen WJAR that guy if he had his druthers he'd be on a golf course every day seven days a week all day long but is there somebody you golf with Jordan that really jumped out to how good they were yeah I mean I'll I like the hockey guys you know over the years I've played with a few but I have to go way back to when I was a lot younger and a good friend of mine norm maciver Norma Kuiper is now the assistant general manager at chick in Chicago but he played twelve years in NHL he was you can easily turn pro and he still plays pretty well but I also got to meet Brad hall and played a lot of golf with him through norm and and Brett was pretty good at the time he was he was a little later at that time he was about a one or two any cap as well but he was really good and those guys competitors uses their strong these days I haven't played as as as much for some of the stronger players out there but I know peace you know some a lot of the pitchers Maddux Smoltz those guys those guys are pretty good now you got a lot of the quarterbacks to like Romo in those guys that they're doing well the C. right yeah I put a lot of the older guys like Shane Rawley Donny Robinson Jenner was really good down there at his home track record and I played it okay Starbucks a bunch of times but the guy that really stuck out to me was Steph curry and his dad I mean they are really really good I mean step curry could walk the walk Bob the dog walk the walk whatever you call it done I'm not as good as bothered hello Sir are with their voices on the radio but he can really really can really flat out playing his dad was equally as good as they have a single digit handicap to Mike yeah speaking of basketball players if any of you guys have for us in the last dance Michael Jordan and the team played a lot of golf at that time that we really didn't know about so it's pretty cool to see you now these athletes playing golf like this we're going to see on their next week right John can be found yeah he you know that's the interesting thing about it Mike to me is is how many of these guys are are almost obsessed with golf I mean there's there's no other way said like Jordan you were telling me the other day Chris Osgood who by the way should be in the hall of fame but that's a discussion for a different day but Chris Osgood was was out at your course driving the ball the other day and we need these guys it really becomes a passion for them yeah Hey you know I mean Chris comes out he lives close by so he pops over his balls out I don't talk too much I'm gonna do is own thing with his kids and and enjoy the privacy and he's working on his game just like the guy next to him and the kid next to him and and they love their stuff they're still competitive juices and some of the players that are still planned they want to get out of work on their games too and right now I mean they can still go and play golf again nothing else going on well I saw Mr I've gotten the short game area and one of the ball garden that's all I gotta say that four little Palmer park itself real apparent all I gotta say hi everyone I said something on Friday night I was just trying to be polite that he was knocking the dust off but I didn't mean knocking the dust off to the guy next to him because there've been a few guys I remember I mean you guys correct me if I'm wrong former redwing Geren Veach L. allegedly was a really good golfer I don't know if you guys have any experience with that but he was a really good golfer and and somebody that I knew in a previous life told me Jordan much like you said he was good enough for you could've gone pro yeah Brian you said Veach was good I got a quick one here I am lucky enough to play with one of the Hughes boys last last summer and so we're plan and you know number one draft pick and they said okay we're going to have some good times out there are strategic we'll see what he's got he's a lefty and I was with my buddy Matt he's a lefty and so play a few holes to it's got a sixty five footer on the second hole and I'm thinking let's see what this guy's got it's impossible but he said and I got it no problem I mean he's you know he's probably about a twenty five twenty handicap he is set in an ideal all right you're done no problem for those these competitive guys man they pick it up quick B. C. I. U. I. I think Jordan mentioned you had a chance with Maddox that would intimidate me there and I don't know what it was about that guy he just had that look on his face that he knows something that you don't know you know they were talking about the nurture the kid today in the event I'd be that way with Maddox he just was such a cerebral guy it's almost like he knows something that you don't know how was medics on the on the the the greenback I don't know about cerebral but just to look he gave me a just a look when I get on it you know this stuff besides my tea you know when you said something like that he gave me the stare down like ideas violated number something you know it's something unbelievable that he would just stare you down in there what you would tell you to go back a step back a little bit I'm like oh yeah that's right I'm dealing with this guy who is cooking bring it you know when he could bring if he could play you could flat out play does a lot of compliments on it is that kind of like the B. C.'s there now might not like we are down I mean you and the best thing about BC is don't let him rub me the wrong way he's actually a really nice guy that number or yeah get past the brown county at all if you if you guys ever worked you know even a little bit with some of these guys you know for tips or whatever you guys have any experience like that last year Manson and the Manson the big lefty it's a seven and two hundred and fifteen twenty yards and he's wants to know why you know I can't is driver straight but they had it so far and and they're pretty tech he's pretty talented there's others you know there's other guys that come in and have B. C. you've probably seen a few and Mike I have the word with a debate doesn't get rocks group who are yeah it's going through all that a good word but golf ball is one good thing is no matter what they do everyone I've played golf because you're traveling on the road whether the sport athletes entertainers they come in because we have something Mike Jordan I have something that they will never possess probably.

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