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The new in them and ubs has over nine hundred investment analyst it from over one hundred different in over nine hundred of the sharpest mowing muslim freshest thinkers in the world of finance today no one was small balloon then no one knows small do and find out how we can help you contact us yesterday weighing in almost four hundred pages the monk of guide cozy homes is packed with everything you need to know about making a great place to live the book is filled with handsome residences and all the contacts you need to make a home will lost a lifetime and visible that celebrates the people homes should be up to two kids dogs a few scuffed box two is a book that knows a home zohdi as good as a community it's an and is a book that takes you through the front doors of everything from mountain hideaways to modernise ties so biko's e by a copy today on on duck duck dark two now the president of the european commission is racking up the miles as he gets his way across the western balkans junk road ymca is on a five day trip visiting six countries all of whom hoping to become members of the european union serbia and montenegro already in formal accession negotiations albania and macedonia should stop talks within months but bought about bosnia and kosevo who let's see what molecules balkans correspondent guide lonely makes that chances of receiving a positive sign from his steven carr's trip he's with me now guy misty started in macedonia on sunday and on arrival started doling out the good news indeed he did is quite interesting because when i was talking to people in his office at the end of last week of a single this is going to be a nice little bit of a glad handing positive pay off of the european union would back in the western balkans in a big way and i was told ono would not going to be saying all my stings wiggins be saying there's a lot of work to be done will this walson mess.

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