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To be alone. When you meet me I appear as someone who's very extroverted and outgoing cheerful and I smile at people and I look people in the eye and I am not shy. I am outgoing and straightforward and warm and inviting and. That is all true. I also right now on. The podcasts can be authoritive and directional assertive. That is all true as well and I am an introvert. I'm a pretty significant introvert. Also I'm the kind of introvert. That has the talker in to going to a social events and sometimes for months on end. That's just not in the cards. It's not healthy. I'm eating me going into public is not helping not me. Interpreting is unhealthy. I have figured out a way to introvert and very healthy ways so yeah I can go without a social event for a long period of time. A long period of time and part of that is started. I I mean I've always been able to be alone. I've always been able to enjoy a long time. She comes along time to use a long time very well And as someone if you Picks up other people's feelings so let's call it an impact breath right when I go out into the world. I've pick up energy. I picked up how other people are feeling. Even if they don't say things out loud I can pick up. If I'm in a close relationship with a person is big struggle for me to not feel their feelings. Suit me a long time to understand that their feelings are not my feelings. And it still takes me a long time to create appropriate energetic boundaries spiritual juries around that and it can get very confusing. If you're this type of person he has suddenly you be thinking things that are not like yours. Your own thoughts. You'll be feeling things creating things I therefore when I'm in vulnerable periods tend to isolate and I don't mean I easily like well whatever you think. That means what I mean by isolates is Take more time alone. I need a lot of time to process information. Quiet time Still time to process information gush. Yesterday I had to fill out some forms. To keep my Medicaid updated and I- I hit a paralysis because I was unsure how to fill out a few of the injuries. And I just like I. I need time to be able to process what's happening right. Like everybody has ways of processing some healthy. Some not healthy mine tend to be about being alone. I need a lot of alone time. In order to make myself a person who can function in the world now. I understand that this is not true for everyone and I understand that. A lot of people are very concerned. About what the hell are they gonna do at home by themselves all day every day until France? I am an expert at what to do. When you're alone I am so good at this. It is such cherished time for me honestly like I actually get to spend a lot of time alone. I'm divorced so every other weekend. That hits coach my her to their Dad's house and so I do get these periods of five days at a stretch of five days. We're I am alone twice a month and then there are some other things that I am alone as well so I can actually be alone for five straight days and not like physically interact with someone and I feel fine about that. I don't I don't have I don't have any anxiety or depression or despair about that. I just I'm very good at being alone usually people which are your thoughts. That's why people don't WanNa be alone because then you're alone with yourself so really really really wanted to in order to love. Being alone is to cultivate a self. You want to hang out with. Do you want to hang out with your south? Are you cultivating or have you cultivated or better yet? Would you like to cultivate a self that you want to hang out with? I think that's the key to.

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