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Newsradio six ten WTVN office on your DC ashville on iheartradio station from ABC news, John Chuck rich in the White House says it'll give Democrats by tomorrow information there seeking so that tomorrow when they're supposed to be another meeting on the partial government shutdown. They can talk about what kind of border security is being sought the cost and how it will be paid for President Trump tweets. The Dow much progress was made at today's meeting between vice president Pence and congressional leaders a pen spokesman sites progress joined by acting chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, senior adviser, Jared Kushner and homeland security secretary Kirsten Nielsen no lawmakers were expected to attend president. Trump tweeted this morning that ending the shutdown quote would be easy to do if Democrats would approve what he called real border security, which he says includes a wall funding for a wall has been a non starter for Democrats. Karen Travers, ABC news. The White House during the shutdown members of the coastguard got some relief after a one time emergency payment last month. But Heather Jacobsen whose fiancee is Coast Guard Petty officer in Washington state says they don't know when he'll get paid. Again, you're gonna have. Like our own Bill paid are saved for the rest of the month. Like, we just don't know. House speaker Pelosi says the house will bring up money bills next week aimed at reopening parts of the government. And to put pressure on the Senate the FBI arrests Russian man in the us island territory in the Pacific the Northern Mariana Islands transferred to Florida charged with trying to illegally export night-vision equipment to Russia and money laundering, this as an American is being held in Russia almost as soon as Paul Whalen was arrested on spying charges as being speculation. Russia might want to exchange him for a Russian held in America. Some of suggested the former marine could be traded for Maria boots and the Russian gun rights activists who pleaded guilty to acting as a foreign agent in the US last month for Russia's deputy foreign minister Sergei cove on Saturday told state media it was impossible to discuss any prisoner exchange when we has not even been formerly charged yet. Regal ABC news Moscow. You're listening to ABC news. Ever wonder why.

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