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Get, a check on your money now starting with Doug Buchanan and Columbus business first Mark Wahlberg is coming to, Columbus and not just for a visit the well known actor buying Bobby, layman Chevrolet on the west side in his first foray into the car business he's working, with a veteran auto. Dealer in the Detroit, area on the deal and says they're planning to expand, his partner in Michigan tells us Walberg will be a. Regular presence in Columbus the founder of Papa John's and Wendy's were talking merger that is until the pizza chains founder was ousted from the company For using a racial slur the talks reportedly didn't get far so. We'll have to wait and see if they restart and another delay in, medical marijuana the state pushing back the. Start of the patient registry now that, they've admitted that no actual cannabis will be ready by the. Original September deadline for NewsRadio six ten WTVN m w what business I get another, report, at, five thirty five this, afternoon with. Woody Johnson on NewsRadio six ten WTVN. Bloomberg, market minute stock futures are mixed ahead. Of earnings from several companies today including General Electric and Honeywell s and p futures down almost two Dow futures, down thirty six NASDAQ futures are up twenty seven NYMEX crude is ahead, about one half of one percent at sixty nine dollars and eighty cents a barrel overseas, European markets are narrowly. Mixed Asian markets also, closed mixed today Microsoft's profit and revenue beat estimates in, the latest quarter and its forecast cheered investors providing further. Evidence that the company can increase cloud sales and squeeze more profit From that area well cutting. Into Amazon's huge industry lead shares of Microsoft or up about four percent before the opening bell but, sketchers. Is tumbling this morning in. Pre-market trading amid concerns over slowing. Growth rising costs and lower than expected projections the results continue a trend of volatility for sketchers which is spending aggressively to fuel rapid expansion Gina Cervetti Bloomberg radio This is the Ohio Ag net from the combat feet studio. With today's farm news I'm tight Higgins in yesterday's. Meeting the Ohio soil and, water conservation commission decided to refer the distressed watershed designation decision to a subcommittee for further. Study Tom Price is the chairman. Of the commission he talks about the new timeline, for the subcommittee eighteen need to take they can take there will be those. Want to do it tomorrow and there'll be those at once, in research done as you heard me say I think it's gonna take some big? Dollars to do the right kind of research it we need research that we've, got I think it's maybe ten percent of the problem maybe twenty the we need to think outside the, box, on on research dollars last. Is going to be a little bit tricky for you. But, what do you think the response is going to be from the governor's office there's been a great. Deal of work from three agencies to put this together and I commend the, governor for bringing it to this. High level we agree with with their approach to no but that's beside the point.

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