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Pool tables. That's what evoked that feeling for me. But, it also is a restaurant I think because. Okay so I'm skipping the whole setup, but dream her dad or or meeting, and they're talking and she's eating bread sticks out of a glass. Table I thought because she's drinking coffees. I was thinking it's she drinking coffee because he's drinking brown liquor, he's definitely drinking whiskey, but she has a Coffee Cup I. Drink my Whiskey Auto Coffee Cup at home. Well, let's fair. I WanNa, have the handle. I don't trust myself especially after few mugs of Whiskey WanNa have that handle. Okay. So. Daddy Dream Boat and Lil Dream Boat. They're talking about Derek. Their time about the situation she goes and talks to her dad instead of her brother. Do they have the conversation? We don't I doubt it, but it doesn't seem that way. It seems like Derek decided. I'm going to take the job. And she just wordlessly turned around and left to go drink with their dad. I can't convince them, but Shirley Daddy can. I can't convince them even though I did not try. Her Dad called the police force of the family business, and that was just a really gross. Yeah, I didn't like that is I. Have Issues with our police force, but okay. That's a very very good pointless. From, their Dad's like talk to him Shirley I can convince him, and then he goes on to say it would just kill your mother when if he were to leave the family business which transitions us. The Dream Boat House. Into hilariously proven wrong of the MOMS just like. This is a great opportunity. Yeah definitely take your decision. Do whatever you want, Sweetie. Life the forest a pension who needs that like? Apparently, the dad did not understand the mom at all. Yeah, there's not a lot of good communication and his family. Maybe that's the real problem here in this family needs some counseling. Yeah, based on all the conversations that dream boat and brother Adrien Brody attempt to have, but don't actually ever have because they're just like say to worry. They'll be like shut up now. Was it like y'all don't know how to communicate with each other. I mean sisters are terrible human beings. All of them everywhere, not true every single sister, a wonderful sister I'm terrible sister. As we moved to the police headquarters the Amends Locker Room. Where we finally get the male nudity that I feel that the show is definitely been lacking. Yes, Derek is in the locker room like I said he's. He's with his fellow nude officers being new together and there's a really weird line. Read that happens. Unless let me play this for our audience and I'll let you reminisce about the nudity. Closure is boys got business in here. Oh Great. Detective. Some privacy in a minute, why would be naked? Men have to close their eyes. Not Cover your bits, boys. Here is you don't want to see a fully close lady which addicts? Why would they need to close their eyes barging into the men's locker room like? She knows her brothers in the locker room where there are naked men. What if her brothers Dick was hanging out? How would she feel about walking in to a full view of her brothers, Cock and balls? Would it matter his is would be closed. That's true. He wouldn't be able to tell. He wouldn't know what she was seeing because his eyes are closed. And then one of her fellow officers, her co workers that she is verbally abusing sexually harassing. Like what you okay, so she walks in, and we're fellow officers like hey, how about a little bit of privacy you know? I'm naked here and she's like fuck you. I gotTa talk to my brother. Let's. Holy, Shit! All these guys are like hiding behind their locker doors like. A sensible amount of modesty from these men. The one guy his tidy Whitey. WHO. And he totally looks like her new partner. Who I guess just disappeared. No, I would agree. That's probably him and the officer that says how about some privacy is officer from episode one in the opening scene another one that's played by Glenn some continuity in a very bad. Yeah. Oh my God I just! The scene is so fucking bunker. Yeah, I hope someone files a formal complaint with hr they should you say you have? Some notes had a paragraph regarding close your eyes. Michael. Maybe. He thought it was funny like I. Don't think kids are GonNA laugh at that. No, because it's dumb, fucking, it makes no sense I mean. It would make sense if she walked in and she had like tits out. I mean that would make sense, but the line would made. Hold on talked to my brother did out. Yeah, okay, so why did she come into this room? So my mind has been white, so she goes into the room to force a conversation to happen regarding the fact that he had accepted the job and is the same night again i. don't understand time and she'd go from the bar to the locker room. Maybe she was having an Irish coffee and that's why she thinks this is a good idea. Derek was at his mom's house. What is the timeline here? Okay so. She's just like we're forcing this conversation I need to explain to you why this is a bad idea and he should like. This is my life, my decision and to be fair. She's making some really weird choices right now, but she has had to deal with him. A lot more than brother Dream Boat has had to deal looks like maybe listened to your sister for a split second. If for no other reason, she's acting irrational. She's obviously very passionate about the fact that you she doesn't want you to work there. Maybe figure out why so just be like fine. Okay out with it. What's your fucking problem with deluxe right? Let me put my Dick Away and you could tell me what your deal is. Like how he was like the only fully clothed person in that locker, he was packing up. He quit his job right. He's packing up, but in my line reading he's doing all that, but also Mak- sweaty work packing up your locker. Yeah, he had to. You gotta take his shirt off, and also paints in his underpants left socks. You don't want to get the fungus issues. I never lived in a dorm, but I've seen it on TV. They were the flip flops. ups okay. So! Derek made his own choices. See quit his job. He gave up his pension. Good Jap Derrick, okay Liz. Can we just go upstairs? And just how needed see gargoyles again? Let's to those guys. To cause. Is there fucking show after all dream? Boat is just complaining. She's burrowing even deeper into Derek's Asshole, suggesting that maybe you guys. Could you just like keep an eye on him? Just watch him when he's at his new job. Can you stock my brother for me and Goliath? Surgery but we'll do for you. That's a good idea. Get over here, you three I. Know that you were being written as pains in the ass to each other because it's funny. But go work together on this thing Stockman or moving.

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