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And so, but it has been the most grow. It is just been one of those powerful like seasons or us and the truth is, we're not together right now. We don't have a title on us about to Asia for two or three months on my own. And we decided when we come back when I come back, we'll maybe try and figure something out put it's like let's slow motion we have to go motion. I just enjoyed being closer food for the road for first time like really closer now. There's nothing between us at all. No lies, no no secrets. There's just nothing and that is like I don't need a label. I have you like a regardless. No matter what happens if she chooses to be with somebody else, and that makes her happy genuinely and honestly I support that one hundred percent like I just wanna see her thrive. And the only way I can do that as if I make myself rive. And then hopefully we can decide to go together, but matter what happens like she's never not going to be my life on some level. So with that cares. What else happens everything else happens occurs? Beautiful. Yeah. Follow you where deal. So I'm at danika show on pretty much everything. So just my name and the my businesses model meals, which is bomb. Thanks guys. The meals they're not remodel that for human being. And who's your biggest fan Luke story? I love him. He's a dream rep so hard doesn't man. Ordering his model. Hold on. We are five minutes late because of me, and he's like, oh, God. I can't is, I'm so glad you guys are late. You could've been later. He's a north. It's so rude when people are in time. We were like five minutes. Forty five minutes. Billy. Great. Soon to be starting a new bachelorette party business. Okay. Can we just real quick? So we do a lot of like cooking classes, and parties and catering, and then we wanna change how people in recovery eaten on the kind of stuff. But so I do a lot of bachelorette parties lately. Right. And. Not yet, but we're thinking about. So I'm gonna start doing that. I have another friend of mine who is also really good-looking shift and we're going to create looking. Demographics. Shiffman bills. Food. Enjoy your strat married. I would. I'm totally okay with that. You know, I mean, the price has got to be right apron, only I think we would. Eight brand words spray pants, spray painted like spray painted. Joe bachelorette parties Italy, like how. Count. Orange county. So anyway, if you need us, that's our next project. It's in the works. Well, we're so proud of you and proud to know with stripping Dale. Chef in dance. It. You're really hit. Great. Domains of don't you dare try to scripts, avocado? It would be of academy direct here door. Varying. Ripeness is avocado cracked. It open. It was like Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and. It would be of academy direct here door. Varying. Ripeness is avocado cracked. It open. It was like Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and. Mondays. Oh, god. Today. On tuesday. Yeah. As it turns out, it's really hard to, to manage, but I'm sure it can be done. Yeah. Well, hey, don't mean distress you out Craig? Craig. Guys. Thank you very much. Thank you so much, danika, and Billy for sharing your story for the first time we are honored pink you. Yeah. At Denic Brayshaw on Instagram and then culinary recovery on Instagram is Billy, and we'll see you on tour almost thirty podcasts dot com events for the dates, your podcast pro if you want to start a podcast, we would love to support you stay tuned for more news from us, and thank you always for supporting the podcast at means so much Lindsey, and I are able to do this. Yeah, you just got to be ourselves, and hopefully, inspire you to do the same. So he will catch you next time. Thanks for listening to buy.

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