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Listen up people we have a big favorite ask and we promise it won't take up too much of your time you know our show supported by some fantastic sponsors right well we love to hear your feedback had to espn podcast dot com and felony short anonymous survey that's it we swear again that's espn podcast study dot com this is the base of the dan lebatardshow with this to got spot casts happy seventy seventh birthday seventy seventh birthday to marv albert happy birthday to him i don't care good lock seventy seven that sounds older than i thought marv albert was this has happened to me lately clint eastwood being eightyeight gene hackman being eighty eight gene hackman being eighty eight jarred me and then clean eastwood being the age of gene hackman jar crazy home carney has seventy five so happening that's greg cody of the miami herald we've got a lot to get into today okay gave them put it on the poll is nicki menaj trying to do sammy sosa mike what do you think of the idea you know i've constantly been frustrated by the way radio sales works and at some point there's going to be a giant feud between our show and radio sales because the creativity can be lacking sometimes and i'm just wondering why isn't stu gods already a nascar like why isn't stugatz with advertising all over him every day instead of just doing advertising first lacrosse teams why isn't he in a race car suit wearing advertising on everything we're actually trying to get that for the reaper this here i said i'm cool just making the the reaper nascar poet ever you on the reaper i've offered it up dan i don't know what to tell you like i'll wear anything i wonder we start reading with sales when do we start feuding doing that especially since radios and audio medium in which going for there is a visual gag their layers to these things i know but we are radio show that.

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