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Hey guys it's your lady gang jack van a cult tonight and bucket tobin thank you so much for subscribing on i tunes and thanks for supporting the great sponsors make it possible for us to have this much fun with you every single week for for rude okay are you interested in hiring do you know where to post the job about the best candidates and find the awesome people it can be really hard to find great talent and we know that because we just hired more people onto the lady gang team would ziprecruiter you can post your job to 100plus job sites would just one click then there powerful technology efficiently matches the right people to your job better than anyone else that's why ziprecruiter is different unlike other job sites ziprecruiter doesn't depend on candidates finding you it finds them in fact over 80 percent of jobs posted on ziprecruiter get a qualified candidate in just twenty four hours so find out today why ziprecruiter has been used by businesses of all sizes to find the most qualified job candidates with immediate results and right now our listeners can post jobs on ziprecruiter for free that's right for route just go to ziprecruitercomwork i that's ziprecruitercom slash verse one more time to try it for free go to ziprecruiter dot com slash i ziprecruiter get your people people will this welcome to the leading city banks are about to change around here each week we gotcha with hollywood's hottest girl posse guilty night beca tobin a jack vanik fellow and welcome to the late king i am back at tobin actress blogger podcast her across from me as healthy night entertainment journalists with stacks and sacks of notes in front of hassani know how you but in line everyone on believe like a good little journalist over there to my right as jack panic of jack of clothing were super excited to be here and here's my question for the week what is your favorite.

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