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All the attested all these services, and when we were satisfied we have hold demo day, and we live a five which would be kind of healthcare where the patient will be able to find words need. But Stefan, oh, grabbing a bigger share of the health and beauty market. They're also getting into pharma. Do you see as a threat and how big a threat? No, I can't believe it's a threat. I will say that we need we need to narrow technology to put all these things together. And this is why we have done the day agreement with Microsoft disagreement. And we stay the. Fisher intelligence of Microsoft, we we would be able to create all the time and ecosystem reaching out to different two different player. Or manufacturer there? Nationally and locally to offer to ecosystem at to the customers away. I we will be able to take care of what the customer's needs and. He also anticipate what what could be their needs. In the future to find the life of the customers and to simplify also. Because we would be a motivation company DC inadequacies, which is independent division was completing dependent on water Amazon who do could do EBay. We come to this space. Okay. We've come to the space create another eco-system, nobody can control all the market. We have to do our way we believe that. Pauline. These to put the patients at the center of everything we have a fantastic network. Physical network we can reach our customer every day rather eight media on that people are coming to our pharmacy said jazz. So we have. Stepped up some other partnerships to keep up with some of the rapid changes happening in healthcare. You've got a partnership with very life sciences, which is a division of of alphabet parent company of Google. You've got a partnership with Birch box that cosmetics subscription box company. What's the strategy there? And is it increasing foot traffic yet in your source? It is about the strategies, of course, to offer our customers, so what they want and they had to have a very mica. So he's not compatible because we're really suffering Silverton solution. We are testing our employees today, and we will make available to every body tomorrow and DC surpassed of data ecosystem I was talking about. What is important is to offer patients awards? They want. Whereas they want and Wednesday water. Walmart has been in dispute with CVS over costs. They want higher reimbursement for their pharmacies in WalMart stores. Are you happy with the reimbursements that you're getting from CVS or do you think they're too low? Ever..

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