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That's a huge red flag one thousand percent. I mean, I definitely feel like there's there's been times where I have a certain thing about me where I I get I can make people feel comfortable enough to like show glimpses, you know, and then they close back up, but I've had to narcissists say. Say to me like like, you sh you make me show too much of myself. And so I have to I can't fuck what you okay, I wanted particular say to me like. I your mirror that reveals parts of myself that I don't like. And so I need to not be with. You was this the guy that didn't want mirrors in his apartment, correct? That's why he doesn't like mirrors. He has to look at himself. Which is ironic because that's what narcissist like doing normally firing themselves, but sometimes to that reflection ain't good when they can see too far into themselves, and that they can't they can't handle it. That's why they avoid it. And they build up. This this facade and this exterior that lay won't have to look at the inside because it hurts too much. They live in a fantasy world then that they built. And if you try to get my met who. Get out get out get their the worst. But yeah, there's no treatment it's a full on personality disorder. There is a spectrum. Let's say now on a scale of one to ten you can have you know, again, like us we're in this industry. So we don't have a healthy amount of narcissism. But I would say on a scale of one to ten. A manageable. Maybe three maybe four. We're talking about full blown tens out here in these streets in these streets in these screens, right? So people love to be like, Amanda. You're next says, there's no one could tell you wrong. And I was like that's incorrect. It's not true. It's not true. We've had so many conversations so many conversations. So there you go, right? Folks out there that got the whole magazine situation going on I feel your pain anybody who's Adami grain knows. It's not a game. I don't have my grave. I have homeys with migraines. And I'd be like Zing. They describe it like their brain is just being hammered by the electric tool of four into their skulls. See like, I don't want. No parts of that. I don't wanna parts that. But those of you who are suffering from that. I wanna be a part of helping to end your suffering..

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