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Hello, welcome to classics for kids. I'm Naomi Lewin. That's the beginning of pollen is a dance by Frederic Chopin. When I was a kid. I thought the Polin is might be from Polynesia, but Pullen is is how you say polish in French at the time when the pollen is was fashionable dance in the polish court polish courtiers also thought it was more fashionable to speak French the pollen is a very dignified dance actually more like a procession at first only men did the Pullin as sweeping off their hats or drawing their swords at various points in the music. Later on in history. Women were allowed to join in the pollen as which became the dance that opened every ball since the pollen is involved a procession through all the rooms of a palace. It was a good way for the host to show off his home. The most important person at the ball headed up the pollen as procession he was known as the Lord of the dance. The pollen is caught on all over Europe. And even migrated to America, John Phillips Sousa wrote his presidential Pullen as after president, Chester. A Arthur said he wanted a piece to replace hail to the chief. That's the music's played. Whenever the president makes his entrance needless to say it didn't. Operas especially Russian operas dance. The Pullen as Modesto Zork ski put one into his opera Boris good. No. And in child kofsky opera, Jean-Ann Yagan. There's a wonderful Polonez. After a while composers began to use the slow rhythmic one two three of the nez as as a form for non dancing, instrumental pieces fronts Schubert wrote this poem is for his violinist brother to play. Antonin version. Composed a poem as that he could play at the Pierre. No, along with cellist friend of his. And when they asked unattainable yacht off to write music for the unveiling of a statue at the Saint Petersburg conservatory. Composed Apollon as. Since he was born in Poland Frederic Chopin was probably more passionate about the poem as than most composers. In fact, the very first pieces he wrote were polonaises. Because of the way Frederic Chopin has the piano imitate the sort of drum used to keep soldiers marching in line. Another one of his polonaises is known as the military pollinates. The military pollen as one of sixteen polonaises for solo piano by Frederic Chopin next week on passes for kids more music with a military theme. I'm Naomi Lewin, high right classics for kids and produce it with Tim lantern at WG UC Cincinnati, please join me again for more classics for kids.

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