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I we actually got a bunch of great stuff. That's been sent to us so I wanted to shots if that's all right. Thank you to Jinnah at Awkward Mental on Twitter and Instagram for the Nice note and some stickers Gino's knows handing out these stickers at a recent live shows well they are fantastic. I put on my kindle. Oh Yeah I got him on my Mo- skin. That's where almost stickers go so it looks like I'm doing work uh-huh but I never use it. Brandon P at Kerman comics on instagram since the first issue of Kerman which is a bully? Bully Ouaga Jason Frogman comic that they are writing and illustrating a then. We've got an Austrian. Yeah it's the arts great. It looks really fund. It's like it is like a comic about a Bollywood. We've also got an Austrian postcard for Mira. Nice notes from Brian H. Save the date from Trevor and Sissy. Thank you so much today so common. I love seeing the people getting together. That makes me excited gift for us. An illustrated note and character drawings from Griffin 'em Aka at Griffin the artist. Oh this is amazing the complete mccague creature compendium and character Dr Portraits from Caitlyn M. There is much cool stuff in there. Yeah it's a self published book of monsters that Caitlyn made you can check it out at Caitlyn. mccague DOT com of YOU WANNA see a little more about their work. We got a Christmas card from Daniel. Oh some custom dice from ranger Mattie at Winter Roselle these are dice that have like little biddy icons of significant moments like items from our campaign. It's definitely witchcraft. To get anybody moments inside a dice. It's truly incredible a couple more things we got some candidate kanter candies. Ah from Harrison are w these are candies that are named after. Dnd can't trips like fireable and Thorn whip. Yeah thank you so much as a nice tasty treat for the holidays and then we got some merry Christmas shirts from Robert L.. Perfect for the season. Yes murph when we MERV had a little Dnd D. Retrea and we have an annual Dean D.. RETREA and you better believe Murph was wearing a pink shirt I brought multiples. Were airing one at one point and I believe I brought three because I didn't do laundry and Chaban took one and then I wore to two days in a row so they are by shirts to do as I please. Got Your stink all over them but yeah you were you were gaming so I respect it. Yeah a Pro Gamer. Move is steal from your friends. Jaiqi anything to plug. Ah Yeah you know what I'm GonNa Plug East Rock auto my the the local auto body shop who fixed up my truck this weekend when I was running it's like a kitten now the best. I really pristine automotive. is where I used to go in West Hollywood and that was you know those were stellar slugging. canucks not good a good like autobody. Recommendation is is like Ninety S. Because it's trust if you live in Connecticut struck auto I feel like I should if I drove to east auto my fusion would fall apart. Because they'd have to drive it from California. So do you think they could take care of that for me. It'd be the perfect place to for your car to die after the crossing get shot. I'm GONNA plug problem. Connors honors self-produced album on soundcloud. Check it out of the twin twin to none problem cutters so fucking poetic. Or nobody's twin. That's probably better. That would be problem. Connor's yeah twenty to nine hundred twenty. That's all right guys. Follow us on twitter at each. Murphy's me at all these Caldwell Eddie expert is emily and Achy Kerr. What's his jake? And you you can tweet about the show using Hashtag Nad pilots any. It's the end of the show. Everybody in that means we need to shout out our Benevolent Council of Elders. Starting with Brad D Dylan be Danny. P Steel Breaker and Spencer Cast Brew Five Chosen Guards who have resolved to quit drinking milk and twenty twenty but to avoid getting withdrawal symptoms. They're going.

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