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Prosecutors say robbery was the motive but lawyers for sin Toya Brown, including attorney Charles bone say she was a sex trafficking victims who feared for her life her case drawing support from around the world. She serves this and deserves full credit board vote also thanking governor has lem who emphasized that newer sentencing limits for juvenile's Brown will be freed in August when she will have served fifteen years in a statement released today saying she'll do everything she can to justify the governor's faith in her an Uber driver accused of mass murder in Michigan changes his plea at the last minute just before lawyers in Kalamazoo judge planned to pick a jury for accused murderer an Uber driver Jason Dalton and there's a guilty plea in the two thousand sixteen shootings of eight people. Inbetween passenger pickups. Six victims died. Adult admits to the shootings telling police a devil figure on Uber app was controlling him. Delta now faces a mandatory life sentence for each of the six counts of first degree murder against him. Jeff monosso, Fox News, Sade word, the President Trump and the Canadian Prime Minister had a conversation today focusing in part on the next steps to address steel and aluminum tariffs also reaffirming support for workers affected by General Motors. Plants closing you know, you've really made it as a boy band when they make dolls out of you. Pave hop sensation. BTS signing a contract with Mattel, which now has the rights to make dolls of the South Korean band, which became the first Korean pop group to hit number one on the billboard top two hundred last year Mattel's global licensing agreement. Also includes collectible figures and games. Shares of the toymaker jumping nearly.

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