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Darlington has so much lower and legacy around it. The track too tough. Detain the lady in black as a driver. Is it exciting? Is it a little nerve racking? Is it you've got to be on point. You know, every turn every lap. What is it about Darlington that makes this such kind of a legacy track? Yeah, all of that. You know, I think there's just there's nothing about Darlington that that you don't get excited about. Just because of the fact that it's just it's so it's still relevant in today's world, you know with what we do and how we raised him and you know you start to think about the things that you're doing, but it's also The same shape the same configuration that they raised 50 years ago. And you know more than that, actually. So you know, I think that there's there's just not Any other racetrack that we go to that has that same type of history and has meant so much to the sport. That's that's really less. You know, outside of Daytona, but they told me started on the beach of darlings and they started to Darlington and, you know, ran have run that race tracking in that same configuration for for such a long time, and it's just It's a really, really hard place to race because you have to be on it. Every laugh and like you say, you make one mistake, and it usually results in No scraping the right side of the car against the wall and makes for for a long evening. So you know it Z exciting to me. I've been I've been through two races a year at Darlington. Last year, we had three I've been, you know, just with one race. I've been with Mother's Day weekend and then in the fall, you know, so Darlington's been all over the board as far as being a part of our sport for for a number of years, and it's just It's really cool to be able to take today's cars and race on the racetrack that they, you know, they've had pretty much every generation of race car on the racetrack in NASCAR's history, and it's really cool to pair it with the retro run down because you have the history of the track and in the history of the cars with it, and it's Gonna be really fun Weekend at Darlington. Kevin Harvick joins us this morning on the show. When you talk about how the sport has changed so much. One of the dynamic changes in NASCAR is that drivers and fan bases in tracks from nontraditional areas previously Now really popular, really successful and for yourself, having grown up on the West Coast when you jumped into the league, jumped into the circuit and started racing. I mean, California was not the place where elite drivers came from, but it's grown over the last 20 years. What have you seen personally from your old stomping grounds and where you grew up? With the expansion of NASCAR, and now you know where it kind of touches all parts of our country. Yeah. So, you know, I think you know our sport has, you know kind of that stereotype, but it's a South East sport and I was fortunate to grow up and you know, in Bakersfield, California That was a huge Racing town. If you took Bakersfield Californian New Plug it right in the middle of Mooresville, North Carolina, you would know no different. I'm a racing side of things because I had in town, and there were a number of people that supported that, Um, you know, no, no matter what your race because they always had good crowd. They always had good car counts. I grew up around racing, You know, I think you know, when I came into the sport my early years. I think there were nine guys from California so I was kind of in that transition of You know? When the sport was looking for that next generation of drivers. Um, you know when the Sterling Marlin's and the Dale Earnhardt's and that generation of guys was starting to retire, and you know, there was a lot of money in the sport. So all the teams were. We're starting Bouchard national teams at the time. Go out and groom their drivers and unfortunately, a lot of us on the West Coast. You know, a lot of the team owners were looking for new guys to go out and try out in their cars. And I was fortunate to be a part of that evolution of change. And, um you know what it brought to the racetrack. So you know, I think as you look at it now. You know, I still think a lot of people that Don't know A lot about NASCAR racing would still probably have that stereotypes that they they don't know anything about it or, you know, put that on, you know, on record as saying. You know that Z mostly a south Southeast thing, but you know, it's It's been fun, Tonto Watch. Um Watch it grow and watch it change and be a part of that along the way. It has changed dramatically. And I think for the better for the Syriza because now there's fan bases and drivers and fans from all different parts, the country and it's really spread coming up on Sunday from Darlington, 3 30 Eastern on Fs. One is going to be Darlington, the retro run down the Lady in black. It's altogether on Mother's days to check it out. Kevin Harvick joining us on the show. It's always great to catch up. Congratulations of the second place finish of the four. Top five so far will be washing coming up on Sunday. Kevin thanks again. No problem. Thanks for having me Kevin Harvick joining us this morning on the show. Good to catch up with Kevin again. We caught up with him a couple of weeks ago. And once again the lady in black coming up on Sunday, which is fun, especially on the mother's day. 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