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Inflation expectations were on the rise. The tech heavy NASDAQ plunged 3% in volatile trading to end the week. The mayor of Raleigh, North Carolina is calling for more action to address gun violence after a deadly mass shooting in her city. Lisa Taylor has more. 5 people were killed, including an off duty police officer, mayor Mary Anne Baldwin said we must stop mindless violence in the country and address gun violence. A 15 year old boy is accused of the shootings, the suspect was arrested and transferred to a hospital in critical condition. A federal judge is allowing those enrolled in the DACA program to renew their two year protections from deportation and keep their work permits that keeps the status quo while a court case plays out. It's a sigh of relief for those known as dreamers who were brought to the country illegally as children. However, new applications won't be approved, claiming a crime may have been committed prosecutors who argued the Parkland Florida school shooter case want an investigation into the allegations made by the lone juror who voted against the death sentence. She alleges she was threatened by another juror. Whatever legal process they have, I think they should use it because I do think it was a miscarriage of justice. Florida governor Ron DeSantis believes this is the perfect example of a death penalty case. He's also concerned this case took nearly 5 years so he's considering reforming the system so it supports crime victims, not just the ones that commit them. The race to replace Ohio senator rob Portman is neck and neck, recent polls show less than a 1% spread between democratic candidate Tim Ryan and his Republican challenger JD Vance. That's within the margin of error making the race too close to call. Next month, Ohio Senate race is being closely watched by Americans because it's one of just a few that will decide which political party controls the U.S. Senate in 2023. I'm Brian shook. Hearing aids will be sold over the counter starting on Monday without a fitting from a doctor. It's seen as a positive move from those in the audiology industry. Jackie Clark at the University of Texas says consumers still need to do their homework, but wider availability will benefit many suffering from hearing loss. A big deal has just been announced in this supermarket business. Rory O'Neill reports Kroger and Albertsons are merging to create a national supermarket chain operating in 48 states. The $24 billion deal emerges Ohio based Kroger and Idaho based Albertsons, creating a company with nearly 5000 stores and more than 700,000 employees. Kroger says it will invest more than a $1 billion upgrading albertson stores and spend another billion on increased pay and improved benefits for employees. I'm Rory O'Neill. A pretty good golfer in Arkansas is suing after a country club refused to give him the really good prize it promised Michael kasner reports moralton country club east of Little Rock posted on Facebook hole in one on number ten gets you the keys to the F one 50 thanks to Jay Hodge Ford of moralton, while after Austin clay get paid the $375 entry fee and scored a hole in one on the tenth hole last Saturday, he expected to drive home in his new truck, but the country club and the car dealership are refusing to hand over the keys so clay gett is suing them both. In the Facebook post last month, the country club set the dealership as giving us a truck to give away. The dealership now says the truck at the golf course was for display only, and the country club promoted it as a prize without the Ford dealers consent. I'm Michael kassner. The richest man in the world is now selling perfume, but he isn't calling the scent Musk, Tesla SpaceX and boring company CEO Elon Musk is marketing a perfume called burnt hair. Mosque announced on Tuesday that it's available on his tunnel drilling company's website for a $100. I'm Brian shook. And I'm Charlie pellet, at Bloomberg world, headquarters. A losing week for the U.S. stock market, a down Friday after a report showed U.S. year ahead inflation expectations rose for the first time in 7 months. Emily Roland is co chief investment strategist at John Hancock investment management. There's certainly been a lot for markets to digest this week in today as well. And I think inflation dynamics really are front and center inflation, of course, has been sort of enemy number one as far as the backup and race as far as the fed hawkishness. And then it is just not going away. Emily Roland of John Hancock. At the Luthor group, chief investment strategist Jim Paulsen says this may be the time to start buying stocks. Bear markets don't generally end under conditions that make a lot of sense. Usually the news is horrifically bad you feel helpless and there's no solution to the problems you face. And then the market starts going up for no reason whatsoever. Jim Paulson of the Luthor group. A survey from the University of Michigan says consumers expect prices will climb 5.1% over the next year up from 4.7% in September. Jo Ann Shu is director of surveys at the University of Michigan. People are still feeling the bite of inflation. Higher income people are now really starting to feel concerns about their asset values and the improvement that we saw before. It has been really tentative. Joanne Shue of the University of Michigan News Corp. is confirming it will explore a combination with Fox corp. Stock's law, S&P down 86 down 2.4% the Dow down 403 1.3% NASDAQ down 327 down 3.1%. 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