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No so cans like who is going to be ready just like it's like tonight meatless as some mike cont a red sauce listener question if you'll cooking it on me enough of that okay there's another man fat seeming see this is the best years of ever had thank you jeff free thank you to down don don don don don that dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot that dot dot dot dot contessa baffert lisa i'm so offended at the man shaming the man fat shaming on this show competing name outta my belly button and i ate it you guys got into my storage my winter storage of ends bastards zoo brittany tax jackson's is like so you wanna drink and i'm like oh jesus let's now what what raking cocktail so she's like you're gonna make me something i want a ham sandwich martines teeny you can make it with hot him water and his face is just witching so he's like he tells them the whole james thing and she's like way obviously come from sheena and obviously the adam is now you know with you he didn't know the jackson's with you before he's been to your house for a while now and she's older and like speaking well i mean i mean it was it was fun i mean i think just like trying to make me happy they will why didn't you tell me i just i didn't want i didn't wanna cause trouble.

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