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Again, I'm into any Thomas tire and automotive and let us show you some love this February with our exclusive instant rebate about to eighty dollars off a set of Toyo tires. In addition take advantage of our ten dollars off any mighty battery and ten dollars off. This is for all of our weekly specials mature to fall on Facebook. We're online at Thomas tire dot com. What drives you take advantage of exclusive instant rebates on Toyo tires at Thomas tire automative received sixty dollars off four passenger SUV crossover tires or eighty dollars off white truck tires while other tires can contribute to road noise and vibration, the versatile luxury line by Toyota's are built to deliver a smoother ride low noise all season performance as well as long life and low rolling resistance to help with improve gas mileage creative luxury for yourself. Find the Thomas tire automotive near you at Thomas tire dot com. What drives you? A tobacco road hoops. Rivalry is renewed as Wake Forest welcomes North Carolina to the Joe policy Saturday. February sixteenth at noon. Here comes wake to children's pass the time line poll spire, sixteen footer. Join a limited number of tickets remained to see the demon deacons. Take on the tar heels Saturday February sixteenth at noon. Get your tickets by pulling the Wake Forest ticket office at seven five eight three three two two or online at boutiques dot com. It's not just any chicken. No. This is chicken worth crossing the road for McDonald's chicken mcnuggets made with all white meat tender and juicy and now these master pieces of chicken are quite ill six pieces for just two dollars. That's unheard of. You heard it you can dig into a six piece chicken mcnuggets for just two bucks. Only at McDonald's only on the one two three dollar menu. Prices and participation may vary. Cannot be combined with any other offer or combo meal. Jared and Katie on a number one hit music station. L? The Chucky cheese conspiracy. Find out what it all means next. Cosc-? The cabinet Subic of just that we got into this man's castle. Aggressive. So me..

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