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Did their best to get people out of paradise fire was moving so rapidly. We couldn't keep ahead of more than seventy six hundred homes have burned in the so-called campfire. And archiving transmission line may be to blame a family feud. Sparks a bloodbath in rural Ohio, attorney general Mike dewine says George and Angela Wagner and their sons allegedly slaughtered eight members of the rodent family two years ago. And what appears to be a child custody dispute suspects are also all facing charges of forgery for allegedly forging child custody documents some of the victims were shot in their beds. Only three young children were spared a federal lawsuit alleged civil rights violations after a white officer fatally shoots a black security guard at a bar in suburban Chicago, the bowser Djamil Rogerson had disarmed a drunk and was holding him for police when the officer shot Roberson instead how in the world does the security guy. Get shot about the police. That's rogerson. Pastor the white officer has been placed on. Leave Maryland challenges the president's appointment of acting attorney general Matt Whitaker, the state contends, the president circumvented Senate confirmation, and the appointments constant unconstitutional. Any legal Maryland argues that may compromise it spending federal lawsuit over ObamaCare. Democrats demand Whitaker recused himself from oversight of the Russia investigation since he's on the record discussing how to shut it down. WSB news about your health. The FDA recalls another drug to treat high blood pressure. The popular blood pressure medicine lose certain is under recall because the pills may contain an impurity. That's been linked to cancer. Patients are advised to talk with their doctors and not suddenly stopped taking the medication because the risk of going off of it might be greater than the possible. Cancer risk. This is the third blood pressure. Medication? That's been recalled in recent months about one in three US adults or about seventy five million people have high blood pressure. WSB news time six nineteen. The only five-day forecast Fun Radio. Accurate and dependable on news ninety five AM seven fifty W SP right up past management. They handle bugs and critters. Here's WSB meteorologist Kirk Mellish. Well, mostly drizzle.

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