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To put together strollers that catches sitting. You're fired said the drunk right job where they know lean and you weren't allowed to lean against something. Like they're talking to you time to lean. It's time to clean. Good one. That's a good one to this for this for anybody. Who doesn't listen to sucky music is bread. And this is what Joe is smoking dope to college. Hillary is scenario. Banging my head turn it on. Try to get an erection of their song. Just try. Music for women who'd like to be less, but are still straight guys who are not really in the name of this. This music was so popular for a long time. Never happened. Sing this sorta singer which was big in the seventy s. Ellen Aldo seem Mike chill Sonnen. I don't get it. Those who did really enjoyed it, Michael. He's an MA fighter. Don't you? So devoid of testosterone. A couple of things go and said yesterday we haven't commented on today. Maybe we should get to that other things coming up on the Armstrong and Getty show. Good conscience. Armstrong and Getty on K G O, eight ten. Nine forty six A K G O going back to the.

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