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This other girl she won last fights or loss last night's westwood decision on she's got a bunch of decisions morale imagine they she won her last two year so splitdecision backgrounds nothing had on backgrounds the beef and then split decision and a korean damn so um mm pays van it for the win here i don't know what the odds are at patron hit i'll say by decision which are the odds sure uh she's plus pages 100 on right all right i like pages the dog done coal plus four or five mice 125 almost even by like i pages manner dog bet feet or belfort guide dog i mean dozen look like the same in an officer you're out hall dude you're hall you stray where this is so goddamn gifted it's not even funny my only issue with your hall is when the going gets tough whereas yet mentally that's always been your eye halls biggest issue if he can put that together i don't know if yo with a mental coach whatever you do and something clerics you have a world champion hands those are begets just typically at his age you know he's at salty record fourteen and eight that his age of and the click yet as can be tough to get the clinton gone however if you're going to fight anyone and you will show off your stand up skills your five eat or bel for it now for the first minute with the blitz can be trouble but your house gonna kick his face off hearing you to get your hall i'll say vicious kale brutal kale who get knock it on the night they don't wanna give micheals nyabigona see that a what's the odds on that i'm sure belfour's a huge underdog right plus flooded thirty thirty five sites huge but all right carryon i love this main event hell yeah.

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