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Bleachers seats and clemson and you can rent seat backs for your seat cushion. How 'bout for the money. I'm paying to attend your game. You just give me a seat back as that sent. it's fun it's part of the experience. Wrigley field gers the bleachers. It is fun being seven beers deep and walking down the bleachers. It's exactly the kind of thrills life or death game. bet that. I put my own hands every single saturday. I love it and when it rains in the seats are all wet. And you're trying to climb down them and you slip talking about the orange bowl. Saturday bleh wasn't useless and on rain was useless on urine. I will say the college atmosphere is a lot that a lot. Better the best game. I've ever been to was miami florida state and ken. Dorsey jeremy shockey game. That's the most exciting sporting event. I've ever attended that. Eighty six world series gave six and game. Seven new york metropolitan not metropolitan basketball can get there with intensity and light atmosphere. So does the nfl depending on the game but there are just certain sports that you can always count on the live experience. I mean and it's college football baseball. Those a tough one. It's so exciting on tv and so exciting in person so like which ones baseball basil comes with. The baseball comes with the death as well chuck in there now football right if you don't go to a baseball game though you can't do your own team when they strike out all the good point we're not hitting on the thing that is the reason why. Nfl football and pro basketball is not fun to go to. Its commercial breaks. It's them having to fill three minutes every twelve minutes. Love with with with something to do with in the stadium commercial. Breaks to eddie. But you're in this but you said the atmosphere is better when there is game action right so you couple bad atmosphere. But i think when you're at the game when he doesn't commercial break no you want those breaks at the you do you. Do you want to get a beer. You're running a thirty two year though certainly enough time. There's a pint and then they take a minute break. That's not long enough for me. The worst is extra point. Commercial break kickoff commercial break on tv though. No it sucks at any period trying to do the fun and frills of the they put a football under under a helmet. They put three helmets. They.

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